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Stone Collection: Volume 40 - Item 9
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 40

9. Essay, &c. (N.p., n.d.). (24 p.)

Defense of slavery based on biblical texts. “I will remark in conclusion, that the errors of abolition appear to me to have arisen principally two sources: in the first place, the teaching of scripture has been too much overlooked, and in its place human philosophy has been substituted. In the second place, sufficient attention has not been bestowed on the characters of man, in their different stages of civilization. There is certainly a condition of human nature, in which men will not labor for the subsistence without compulsion; and if emancipated from that state, without sufficient property to support them, they will either steal or perish. This is precisely the condition of the southern slaves, and therefore an immediate abolition would be their destruction.”