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Stone Collection: Volume 40 - Item 8
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 40

8. Alvan Stewart, A Legal Argument before the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey, at the May Term, 1845, at Trenton, for the Deliverance of Four Thousand Persons from Bondage (New York: Finch & Weed, 1845). (52 p.)

Argument before the supreme court in regard to obtaining writs of habeas corpus for two African Americans (Edward van Buren and John A. Post) still being held as slaves in New Jersey. (New Jersey abolished slavery in 1804, but emancipated only the children of slaves born after that date.) The court’s decision was delivered subsequent to the publication of this pamphlet. (The collection has another copy of this pamphlet in volume 100 [no. 22].)