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Stone Collection: Volume 40 - Item 5
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 40

5. S. Henry Dickson, Remarks on Certain Topics Connected with the General Subject of Slavery (Charleston, SC: Observer Office Press, 1845). (35 p.)

Two articles on slavery, the first entitled “Slavery in the French Colonies.” The second does not have a title. The author’s intent is stated in a preface. “Whilst we insist that the non-slaveholder has not right, politically or religiously, to interfere with the institution of Slavery among us, we do recognize our bounden duty to afford our dependents every means of moral and religious improvement. The author of the following review contends that our slaves should be taught to read and write. This is at present prohibited by law, and we are not prepared to say that the policy of the Law should be changed; but a vast improvement may be effected by oral instruction, and we rejoice to know that this is extended to them, in an increasing degree, in many of the slave-holding states.”