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Stone Collection: Volume 3 - Item 29
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 3

29. Ray Stannard Baker, “What Is a Lynching: A Study of Mob Justice, South and North: II—Lynching in the North,” McClure’s Magazine (February 1905): 422-30.

Two accounts of lynching in the North, one that was successful in Springfield, Ohio, and a second that was averted in Danville, Illinois. The author draws conclusions from these examples and compares lynching in the North with lynching in the South. “Lynching is not so much a disease in itself as it is the symptom of a disease. It is a symptom of lawlessness, of the failure of justice, of political corruption.” There are two photographs, one of the sheriff and one of the prosecuting attorney, both of Vermillion Country, Illinois (Danville).