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Stone Collection: Volume 3 - Item 28
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 3

28. Ray Stannard Baker, “What Is a Lynching: A Study of Mob Justice, South and North: I—Lynching in the South,” McClure’s Magazine (January 1905): 299-314.

Detailed account of a lynching by incineration in Statesboro, Georgia, with a general discussion of lynching in the South. Mr. Stone has marked three passages. 1) “The New South is having a struggle to break the habits of the Old South.” 2) “It is probable that lynching in the South would immediately be wiped out, if it were not for the question of rape.” 3) “The New South is not yet strong enough to defy the Old South politically.” Six photographs accompany this article, including one of the two victims in the Statesboro lynching and another of the stump, still smoldering, where they were burned.