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Stone Collection: Volume 38 - Item 9
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 38

9. [Benjamin F.] Butler, The Negro in Politics: Review of Recent Legislation for His Protection.—Defence [sic] of the Colored Man against All Accusers. Address of Gen. Butler in North Russell Street Church, Boston, Monday Evening, May 8th, 1871 (Lowell, MA: Marden & Rowell, 1871). (19 p.)

Address extolling the capacity of African Americans for exercising the right to vote. Mr. Stone has marked three paragraphs toward the end of the address, including the last one. “It is the duty of the statesman to ponder well these facts; observe well a newly-enfranchised race, as is the negro,--patient, industrious, peaceful, loyal and faithful, brave and determined when danger come in the line of duty, thrifty, accumulative, greedy of knowledge, eager for advancement, temperate and religious, and say whether such a race is not fit for the responsibilities and rights of self-government.”