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Stone Collection: Volume 38 - Item 20
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 38

20. Walter F. Wilcox, “The Probable Increase of the Negro Race in the United States,” Quarterly Journal of Economics 19 (August 1905): reprint. (30 p.)

Statistical analysis of census figures for African Americans in the United States. Prof. Wilcox concludes that “relatively to the whites in the south, if not absolutely as measured by any conceivable standard, the negro as a race is losing ground, is being confined more and more to the inferior and less remunerative occupations, and is not sharing proportionately to his numbers in the prosperity of the country as a whole or of the section in which he mainly lives.” Prof. Wilcox acknowledges Mr. Stone in a footnote. “For reference to this document [Report of the American Freedmen’s Inquiry Commission to the Secretary of War] I am indebted to my friend, Mr. Alfred H. Stone, of Greenville, Miss.” The reprint is signed by the author. Copyediting notations in the margins suggest that this copy was used by the publisher as the text for Prof. Wilcox’s chapter of the same title in Mr. Stone’s book, Studies in the American Race Problem.