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Stone Collection: Volume 38 - Item 15
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 38

15. W[illiam] S. Scarborough, The Educated Negro and His Mission, The American Negro Academy Occasional Papers, no. 8 (Washington, DC: By the Academy, 1903). (11 p.)

Essay emphasizing the importance of higher education for African Americans. “The educated Negro is an absolute fact. The day is past when his ability to learn is scoffed at. But on the other hand is born that fear that he may go too far—excel or equal the Anglo-Saxon,--and that fear is a prime motive in the minds of many who seek to hedge the onward path of the raced. But this path will not be hedged. This educated class, though few in number, has been keeping for years the torch aloft for the race. It must be with us for the future. It has a mission in the world and it is working in a brave endeavor to fulfill that mission. For the good of the whole country this class must multiply, not decrease in number.”