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Stone Collection: Volume 38 - Item 1
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 38

1. Tenth Annual Report of the Freedmen’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Cincinnati, OH: Western Methodist Book Concern, 1878). (80 p.)

Annual report including brief descriptions of black schools supported by the Methodist Episcopal Church. These schools include Central Tennessee College, Shaw University, Claflin University, Clark University, New Orleans University, Centenary Biblical Institute, Wiley University, Rust Normal Institute, Cookman Institute, Bennett Seminary, and Haven Normal School. All of the descriptions, with the exception of those for Centenary, Wiley, Bennett, and Haven, are accompanied by a woodcut illustration of each school’s most prominent building on campus. Mr. Stone has marked several passages in an address by E. O. Haven, Chancellor of Syracuse University, entitled “The Future of the Afro-American.” The following passage is noted with special emphasis. “All this [treating African Americans fairly] is on the supposition that the Africans are capable of as high civilization as other men. It is not extravagant to assert that the eyes of the world are on the colored people of the United States, to see what shall be the result of offering to them freedom, and subjecting them to competition with other men.”