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Stone Collection: Volume 37 - Item 5
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 37

5. B. T. Tanner, ed., A. M. E. Church Review 4 (October 1887, whole no. 14): 113-226.

Whole issue of a periodical containing articles related to the African Methodist Episcopal Church. An article by C. Hatfield Dickerson concerns the extension of suffrage to women. Mr. Dickerson is against it. “Woman suffrage is a monstrous reform against nature itself, which would make it in the end a burden too grievous to be borne. . . ‘Politics is more likely to contaminate woman than woman to disinfect politics.’ Her gentle nature would soon deteriorate under such a corrosive influence. They would then, probably, become more schemy [sic] than men. Disguised in their various paraphernalia, their ‘repeating’ would baffle detection. The Republic could not be visited with a greater plague than female politicians, for we have enough bustle in politics already.”