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Stone Collection: Volume 37 - Item 3
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 37

3. B. T. Tanner, ed., A. M. E. Church Review 3 (July 1886, whole no. 9): 1-115.

Whole issue of a periodical containing articles related to the African Methodist Episcopal Church. J. Dallas Bowser asks the question “Should the Education of the Colored People Be Identical with that of the Whites?” in an article on pages 64-68. Apparently, Mr. Bowser believes that African Americans should not attempt to obtain a white man’s education and should pursue vocational careers instead. “The pathway to fame and fortune is strewn with the bleaching bones of Negro scholars who, with bounding hopes of a cloudless future in a realm of professional ease, drifted into Pullman cars and behind the counters of gin shops as a last resort to an honorable living. The graduate in Greek reads the Anabasis of Xenophon while washing the mud from a rich man’s carriage, and the disciple of Blackstone uses his law book as a razor strop behind chairs in which black men dare not sit.”