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Stone Collection: Volume 36 - Item 8
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 36

8. Proceedings of the Second Capon Springs Conference on Education in the South, 1899 (Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton, 1899). (109 p.)

Proceedings and papers delivered at the second Capon Springs conference on education in the South. The papers deal with topics such as educational progress in the South and educational opportunities for Southern women. Mary Schenck Woolman, Director of Domestic Art at Teachers’ College, Columbia University, offers a piece on “Sewing as an Educative Force.” Mr. Stone has marked several passages in an article entitled “The Present Problem of Negro Education, Industrial Education” by William H. Baldwin, particularly this one. “Whoever lives in the South for a year or more is inclined to reach the same conclusion as the intelligent Southerner on the social question; the educated intelligent Negro recognizes the same fact, and no more treats as a social equal the ordinary uneducated Negro than the educated Northern White man recognizes the uneducated, shiftless White man. Social recognition of the Negro by the White is a simple impossibility, and is entirely dismissed from the minds of the White, and by the intelligent Negroes. There is no need of social recognition.” The monograph contains photographs of the hotel and the resort’s chapel. (Capon Springs is in West Virginia.)