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Stone Collection: Volume 36 - Item 5
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 36

5. Hampton Negro Conference Number V, July, 1901, Public Spirit Among Our Young People, The Working Value of Educational Ideals; The Proposed Disfranchisement of the Negro; Relation of the Pastor to the Community; Review of W. Hannibal Thomas’ Book “The American Negro;” The American Negro Exhibit at the Paris Exposition (Hampton, VA: Hampton Institute Press, [1901?]). (80 p.)

Monograph as described by the title. Mr. Stone has marked several passages in Kelly Miller’s review of The American Negro by W. Hannibal Thomas. The review concludes with this paragraph. “American sentiment concerning the Negro is always fickle and eager for some new and startling doctrine. It gives ear for the moment to the wild discordant cry of a disordered imagination, but such can have no abiding influence upon deliberate and rational minds. Temporary notoriety can always be secured by maligning one’s own blood. Thomas’ book is merely an incident, an ugly but inevitable incident of the development of the race in it struggle to reach the fullness of the stature of American citizenship.”