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Stone Collection: Volume 35 - Item 9
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 35

9. “Slavery, and the Duties Growing Out of the Relation,” Southern Presbyterian Review 16 (July 1863): 1-54.

Confederate imprint emphasizing the obligation of slave owners to treat their slaves humanely. Mr. Stone has marked this issue heavily throughout, no where more so than the following passage. “Once more: let the marriage and domestic relations between the slaves be established by law; let chastity and wedded faith be recognized as virtues between blacks as well as white females; and let the law defend them in the maintenance of virtue; and then our female slaves will be, in a great degree, shielded against the contaminating influence of beastly white men. The evil alluded to is enormous and dangerous, both in its influence upon the bond and the free. It degenerates the white man, socially and intrinsically, and in a way that can never be remedied. And, what is worse, it destroys confidence, on the part of the slave, in the virtue, integrity, and moral power to elevate and Christianize the slave.”