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Stone Collection: Volume 35 - Item 6
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 35

6. William H. Stiles, Southern Education for Southern Youth: An Address before the Alpha Pi Delta Society of the Cherokee Baptist College, Delivered at the Commencement on the 14th July, 1858 (Savannah, GA: Power Press of George N. Nichols, 1858). (28 p.)

Address urging rejection of Northern influences in the education of Southern students, particularly as they relate to abolitionism. “Profiting then by so fearful a warning [a lesson from Greek history], let us resolve that from this day forward the laws of our ancestors shall be observed—from this day forward, Southern youths shall be educated at Southern institutions in a Southern land—from this day forward, so far as respects education at least, our motto shall be Independence now, Independence forever’” (emphasis in original). (Cherokee Baptist College was located in Cassville, Georgia, and closed in 1861.)