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Stone Collection: Volume 35 - Item 1
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 35

1. A Carolinian [Edward J. Pringle], Slavery in the Southern States (Cambridge, MA: John Bartlett, 1852). (53 p.)

Defense of slavery in response to the publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. “To preach distant reform is very cheap philanthropy,” the essay begins, “the cheaper in proportion to the distance.” Mr. Stone has marked many passages toward the end of the pamphlet, particularly the last paragraph. “And the labor to which the slave is subjected in his present discipline is not excessive; for it is proved to be compatible with an almost unprecedented increase of the race. The scene of his labor, moreover, is in the midst of those who are far above him in mental cultivation and Christian feeling. And, finally, his state of dependence upon this superior class is such as to arouse in a peculiar degree a disposition to teach and to elevate the laborer whose entire service is due to them. Taking these things into view, it is not extravagant to assert, that, if there be any good in human nature, slavery may be made to minister the great ends. And we hope that, as ‘the thoughts of men are widening,’ more justice will be done to an institution, which, if it disappears because of an increased energy and higher character in the blacks, will have had its day of usefulness, as the source of that energy and that elevation of character.”