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Stone Collection: Volume 32 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 32

7. H. T. Kealing, ed., A. M. E. Church Review 11 (October 1894, whole no. 42): 215-328.

Whole issue of a periodical containing articles related to the African Methodist Episcopal Church. A photograph of T. Thomas Fortune appears as the frontispiece. He is the author of an article entitled “Whose Problem Is This?” in which he address issues related to the reversals suffered by African Americans since the end of Reconstruction. D. Augustus Straker has contributed an article entitled “Lynch Law in the South,” in which he concludes with an appeal to businessmen to hire African Americans who have immigrated to Northern states. “I appeal to our Northern brethren to open the door to us and try us. Give us the opportunity to enter the grocery, the wood yard, the lumber yard, drive your horses in the street cars, conduct rail and street railway cars, sell your cloth, paint your houses and the like. The answer of many is, we would, but public sentiment is against it. What does capital care for public sentiment when strikes are on? The Negro has always been good enough in such time of trouble, but forgotten afterwards. It was so during the late civil war.”