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Stone Collection: Volume 32 - Item 4
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 32

4. H. T. Kealing, ed., A. M. E. Church Review [1]5 (July 1899, whole no. 61): 101-96.

Whole issue of a periodical containing articles related to the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The first is entitled “Science Confirming the Scripture” by Albert P. Cooper. John C. Brock has contributed an article entitled “Music—Its Origin and Development.” Another article by J. A. Jones asks, “Mob Law—Is It Ever Justifiable?” According to the author, the answer is no. On page 160 in an article entitled “’Jim Crow’ Movements, North and South,” Mr. Stone has underlined the following passage and written “Quote” in the margin. “. . . recent events in the Philadelphia schools emphasize the truth that the race finds it so hard to take in—that no question of race relation any where in America is a local or isolated one. Whatever the form of discrimination, wherever the theatre of action, and whomever the persons outraged, the springs of such action are the same unjustifiable prejudice which is so largely an ‘American Institution.’”