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Stone Collection: Volume 31 - Item 9
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 31

9. J[ames] R. Doolittle, The Rebels and Not the Republican Party Destroyed Slavery. Speech of Hon. J. R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 9, 1864 ([Washington, DC]: L. Towers for the Union Congressional Committee, [1864?]). (8 p.)

Speech urging renewed vigor in prosecuting the war against the Confederacy. “If left to me I would speak but one word, fill up the ranks and press the columns. To spare the unnecessary shedding of blood; to save the resources of the country; to solve all financial questions and put our credit upon a basis so strong as to command the money of the world, I would speak no other word but ‘fill up the ranks, press on the columns.’ To secure liberty and Union; to secure peace with all other nations by inspiring them with respect; and to put a final end to that conspiracy, founded on slavery, which makes war against us, I would still say, ‘fill up the ranks, press on the columns.’”