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Stone Collection: Volume 30 - Item 21
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 30

21. The Slave’s Friend 2 (No. 8, Whole no. 20, n.d.): (4, 16 p.)

Small (4” x 3”) anti-slavery tract containing stories written for children and illustrated with a woodcut of “the emancipated family” on the first page. A picture of slave shackles appears on the back cover. An example of the type of material printed in this little booklet follows. “Remarkable Fact. A little girl was taken by the Indians, carried into captivity, and held to the age of eighteen. She used to sign a hymn her mother had sung to her. At last several hundred of these ‘lost ones’ were recaptured. Public notice was given to parents and friends to identify their children. One mother, who had lost a very young child, could not identify hers. She was asked if she did not remember any thing by which her child could be discovered. She thought of a hymn she used to sing, and began to sing it aloud. Before she had sung one verse her daughter stepped forward—joining in singing, and rushed into her mother’s arms.”