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Stone Collection: Volume 28 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 28

7. David Christy, Lectures on African Colonization and Kindred Subject (Columbus, OH: J. H. Riley & Co., 1853). (56, 52, 72, 16 p.)

Three lectures and pamphlet on the colonization of free men and women of color in Liberia by an agent of the American Colonization Society. The first lecture deals with the slave trade, emancipation, and the relations of Liberia to England. The second concerns the social and moral condition of Africa, especially in regard to the relationship of American slavery to African civilization. The third lecture compares free labor with slave labor in tropical and semi-tropical countries. The final piece is entitled “Facts for Thinking Men: Showing the Necessity of African Colonization to Secure the Success of Tropical Free Labor.”