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Stone Collection: Volume 25 - Item 11
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 25

11. Edward P. Humphrey, Africa and Colonization. An Address before the American Colonization Society, January 21, 1873 (Washington, DC: M’Gill & Witherow, 1873). (14 p.)

History of the colonization effort to date with an exhortation for continued support of the movement. “Our second half century brings us into the presence of grave responsibilities and unending toils. We must strengthen Liberia, by sending thither every year hundreds of our colored citizens, picking our men as best we may; by encouraging agriculture, the common arts of life, and skilled labor; by fostering the institutions of religion and learning, and good government; by cherishing there and here a far-seeing solicitude with respect to the relations between the citizens of Liberia and their heathen neighbors;--and by committing all these immense interests to the care of that Great Being who has hitherto helped us.”