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Stone Collection: Volume 22 - Item 24
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 22

24. E. M. Green, “Native Unrest in South Africa,” Nineteenth Century (November 1899): 708-16.

Prediction of racial unrest in South Africa resulting from native resistance to colonial rule, particularly if it attempts to exploit black labor. “If honour, justice, and integrity be placed before personal gain or selfish ends, then for the colored race as for the British Empire a bright future lies before South Africa; but if private ends and the desire for wealth be allowed to dominate, then it may be that a racial struggle of grave dimensions lies before the colony, for the Kaffirs are no longer untutored savages; they have begun to realize their grievances, and to desire their rights, which unless we give them they may take for themselves in a manner that can be little anticipated.” Someone, possibly Mr. Stone, has printed “BOSH” in large, capital letters directly under this quotation.