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Stone Collection: Volume 19 - Item 8
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 19

8. Henry J. Van Dyke, The Character and Influence of Abolitionism. A Sermon Preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, on Sabbath Evening, Dec. 9th, 1860 (New York: George F. Nesbitt & Co., 1860). (31 p.)

Sermon based on the argument that 1) “Abolitionism has no foundation in the Scriptures,” 2) “Its principles have been promulgated chiefly by misrepresentation and abuse,” 3) “It leads, in multitudes of cases, and by a logical process, to utter infidelity,” and 4) “It is the chief cause of the strife that agitates, and the danger that threatens, our country.” (The collection has another copy of this sermon by a different publisher in volume 74 [no. 29].)