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Stone Collection: Volume 19 - Item 16
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 19

16. William A. Stearns, Necessities of the War and the Conditions of Success in It. A Sermon Preached in the Village Church, before the College and the United Congregations of the Town of Amherst, Mass., on the National Fast Day, Thursday, September 26, 1861 (Amherst, MA: Henry A. Marsh, 1861). (15 p.)

Sermon in which the preacher urges the congregation to prosecute the war with a religious fervor. “Peace on any terms? Peace on no terms, but those of justice, righteousness, liberty and a stable government for all. Peace, with sacred honor preserved, and the approval of God and our consciences, or war forever. Indeed, you can have no peace till you conquer or are conquered; and you can have no honorable peace till you command it, by your arms.”