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Stone Collection: Volume 18 - Item 14
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 18

14. Robert Bingham, An Ex-Slaveholder’s View of the Negro Question in the South (N.p., 1900; reprint from Harper’s Monthly Magazine [European Edition]). (16 p.)

Pessimistic assessment of the “Negro Problem” in the South in light of developments during Reconstruction. “We [white Southerners] delivered the African man over to the nation in 1865 orderly, fairly industrious, without vices, without disease, without crime. In the hands of the nation he has become disorderly, idle, vicious, diseased; three times more criminal than the native white and one and half times more criminal than the foreign white consisting largely of the scum of Europe. . .” (The collection has another copy of this pamphlet in volume 64 [no. 22].)