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Stone Collection: Volume 14 - Item 13
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 14

13. “Three Months among the Reconstructionists,” Atlantic Monthly (February 1866): 237-45.

Criticism of the manner in which white Southerners in Georgia and the Carolinas have adapted to the end of the war and the emancipation of their slaves. “Going into States where I went, . . . any man would almost be justified in concluding that the end and purpose in respect to this poor negro was his extermination. It is proclaimed everywhere that he will not work, that he cannot take care of himself, that he is a nuisance to society, the he lives by stealing, and that he is sure to die in a few months; and, truth to tell, the great body of the people, though one must not say intentionally, are doing all they can to make these assertions true.”