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Stone Collection: Volume 13 - Item 5
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 13

5. Edward W. Williams, The Views and Meditations of John Brown (N.p., ca. 1887). (16 p.)

Four poems celebrating the life and death of John Brown. The author describes the poems in a preface. “After carefully studying his [John Brown’s] character as found in various records, I have imagined that the thoughts and feelings expressed in these verses were the views and meditations that engaged his life. I have, therefore, represented him on the four great occasions of his career. First, as a leader of the Anti-Slavery men in their fight with Pro-Slavery men in Kansas; secondly, when after the Kansas struggles he met his men in Iowa, and there determined to attack Harpers Ferry; thirdly, the night of the attack, and fourthly, before he goes to the gallows.” (The collection has a copy of the author’s autobiographical work, Americus Moor; Or, Life among the American Freedmen, in volume 33 [no. 10].)