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Stone Collection: Volume 11 - Item 8
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 11

8. Address of the Union State Central Committee to the People of Pennsylvania. And the Platforms of the Two Political Organizations, for 1865 (Philadelphia: King & Baird, 1865). (16 p.)

Political narrative of the 1864 presidential campaign (12 pages) followed by the party platforms for the Union [Republican] Party and the Democratic Party (2 pages each). Mr. Stone has marked portions of all three documents, particularly a section in the narrative entitled “The Charge of Negro Equality.” “For many years our political opponents [the Democrats] seem to have a large investment in slavery and the negro. Now that slavery is pretty generally admitted to be dead, it was thought that they might allow the old subject to rest. But not so. They return to the question with as much apparent zeal and warmth as ever. With a full knowledge of the fact that negro suffrage and negro equality are not, and could not possibly be, an issue, in the October contest, they are making extraordinary efforts to mislead and deceive their fellow citizens into a contrary belief.”