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Stone Collection: Volume 111 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 111

7. [John G. Stedman], Narrative of Joanna; An Emancipated Slave, of Surinam. [From Stedman’s Narrative of a Five Year’s Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam.] (Boston: Isaac Knapp, 1838). (64 p.)

Account of the personal experiences of a British soldier, Captain John G. Stedman, one a trip to Surinam on the north coast of South America in the service of the Dutch government to suppress an insurrection among the black natives. The heroine of the story is Joanna, a beautiful Mullatto girl who is about fifteen years old. Apparently, Capt. Stedman became attracted to Joanna, which led the editor to print his disavowal in the preface. “Should any fastidious readers be alarmed, I beg leave to assure them that the Abolitionists have no wish to induce any one to marry a mullatto, even should their loves be saved by such an [sic] one ten times.” There are three woodcuts illustrating this pamphlet; one of Joanna being sold as a slave, one of Joanna visiting Capt. Stedman at his bungalow, and one of Capt. Stedman’s formal residence, which is called “The Hope.”