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Stone Collection: Volume 111 - Item 21
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 111

21. “Ariel” [Buckner H. Payne], The Negro: What Is His Ethnological Status? Is He the Progeny of Ham? Is He a Descendant of Adam and Eve? Has He a Soul? Or Is He a Beast in God’s Nomenclature? What Is His Status as Fixed by God in Creation? What Is His Relation to the White Race? (Cincinnati, OH: The Proprietor, 1867). (48 p.)

Answers to questions delineated in the title. The author states that, according to the Bible, the Negro did not descend from Adam and Eve, does not have a soul, and should be classified as a beast rather than a human being. Mr. Stone has marked a number of passages in this pamphlet, including “A recent traveler in Africa, states that the gorilla frequently steals the negro women and girls, and carry them off for wives.” (The collection has another copy of this pamphlet in volume 48 [no. 14].)