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Stone Collection: Volume 111 - Item 12
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 111

12. The Suppressed Tract! And The Rejected Tract! Given Word for Word as Submitted to the Publishing Committee of the Am. Tract Society (New York: John A. Gray, 1858). (iv, 76 p.)

Facsimiles of a pastoral letter and two sermons that had been approved for publication but that were suppressed when a group of Southern ministers who objected to their content. The pastoral letter by the Rt. Rev. William Meade entitled The Duty of Affording Religious Instruction to Those in Bondage had been written in 1834 for distribution in the Episcopal diocese of Virginia. A sermon delivered by the Rev. John C. Young in Danville, Kentucky, in 1846 was entitled Scriptural Duties of Masters. A sermon by the Rev. John B. Adger entitled The Religious Instruction of the Colored Population had been preached on May 9, 1847, in Charleston, South Carolina.