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Stone Collection: Volume 10 - Item 3
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 10

3. Joseph P. Thompson, Constitution of the African Civilization Society; Together with the Testimony of Forty Distinguisahed Citizens of New York and Brooklyn, to the Importance of the Objects Contemplated by Its Friends. Also, the Anniversary Address, Delivered by Rev. Joseph P. Thompson, D. D., at the Annual Meeting of the Society, May 19th, 1861 (New Haven: Thomas J. Stafford, 1861). (39 p.)

Monograph as described by the title. The mission of the African Civilization Society was “the civilization and christianization [sic] of Africa, and of the African descendants in any portion of the earth wherever dispersed.” The Rev. Thompson’s anniversary address, which takes 31 of the 39 pages, is entitled “African Civilization and the Cotton Trade” and explores the prospect of growing cotton in central Africa. All or part of this monograph was published in the October 1861 issue of the New Englander. A prospectus for that journal appears on the back cover.