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Stone Collection: Volume 109 - Item 20
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 109

20. The War and Slavery; Or, Victory Only through Emancipation (Boston: R. F. Wallcut, 1861). (8 p.)

Essay during the early months of the Civil War in which the author argues that Union forces will not prevail unless slaves in the Southern states are emancipated by force of arms. “Slavery is not only the object of the rebellion, but it is the right arm of its strength. The slaves, by their toil, furnish the sinews of war the rebels are waging. Without their labor, they could not carry forward their project. The slaves not only till their soil and produce their supplies, but they build their fortifications, strengthen their columns, perform the menial service of their camps, and in a thousand ways contribute to their power, comfort and success.”