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Stone Collection: Volume 107 - Item 15
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 107

15. Josiah Conder, Wages or the Whip: An Essay on the Comparative Cost and Productiveness of Free and Slave Labour (London: Hatchard & Son, 1833.) (91 p.)

Comparison of the cost effectiveness of slave labor versus free labor in the production of cotton and sugar. Mr. Stone has marked this monograph in several places. On page 23, for example, he has underlined this passage. “The price of cotton, a much more extensive object of culture than sugar-cane, regulates the price of slaves as unerringly as any one subject whatever is regulated by any standard. As it rises in price, they rise; as it falls, they fall.” In the margin, Mr. Stone has written, “Comp. Phillips,” probably referring to Ulrich Bonnell Phillips.