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Stone Collection: Volume 107 - Item 13
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 107

13. Defense of the Legislature of Massachusetts of the Rights of New England Vindicated (Boston: Repertory Office, 1804). (28 p.)

Proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution so that the number of representatives in the House would be determined by the number of free inhabitants in the various states (emphasis added). Massachusetts objected to the increase in representation for the Southern states due to the importation of slaves from Africa. Opponents of the proposed amendment in Massachusetts were concerned that an attempt to pass such an amendment would result in a dissolution of the Union. “The importance of the Union is well known, and is truly appreciated. There is no disposition in New England to disturb it, nor any wish to interfere with the local policy of the Southern States. Let them ever manage the slave trade as they please; it is their own affair. But let not the rights of the New England Yeomanry depend on importations from Guinea (emphasis in original).”