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Stone Collection: Volume 107 - Item 1
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 107

1. The True History of the Late Division in the Anti-Slavery Societies, Being Part of the Second Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Abolition Society (Boston: David H. Ela, 1841). (45 p.)

Detailed account of how and why a faction of the State [of Massachusetts] Abolition Society split off to form a new organization. The issue appears to have been the insertion of women’s rights into the Society’s agenda as well as differences over religious issues. More specifically, the authors of this pamphlet allege that there was “a deliberate and well-matured design, on the part of those who have controlled the action of the former society, to make the anti-slavery organizations subservient to the promotion of their personal and sectarian views on the subjects of Women’s Rights, so called, Civil Government, the Church, the Ministry and the Sabbath” (italics in original).