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33rd Regiment (Infantry)
(Previously identified as RG 9, v. 136)

Description Box #
Tri-monthly field report, September 9, 1864; 289
List of companies in the 33rd Regiment and their Captains, undated;
Letter from W.H. Conner of North Liberty, Indiana to Dunbar Rowland regarding events surrounding the capture of the battle flag of the 33rd Regiment during the fighting near Peach Tree Creek, Georgia, October 20, 1927;
Letter from Asst. Adj. Gen. Kinloch Falconer to Col. Hurst of the 33rd Regiment regarding the transfer of two Privates to Jackson from Grenada, Mississippi, June 18, 1862;
List of companies and their captains submitted to Col. D.W. Hurst, May 4, 1862;
Fragment pertaining to certificate forwarded to commanding officer of the 33rd Regiment, December 9, 1862.
Return of Featherston's Brigade for January 19, 1865. 284
Company A (Cumberland Guards of Neshoba County):
   Roster, undated;
   Election returns for March 13 and April 19, 1862;
   MDAH veterans' survey form of William Grant Barrett, undated.
Company B (Amite Guards of Amite County):
   Muster roll, April 1, 1862.
Company C (Johnson Guards of Lawrence County):
   Certified muster roll, April 1, 1862;
   Letter from the Superintendent of Army Records J.L. Power to Captain Clark Maxwell regarding a widow's request for payment of money not received by husband before his death, January 7, 1865;
   List of votes cast for Second Lieutenant, Company C, November 24, 1862;
   Letter certifying election of officers, with muster roll on obverse, April 1, 1862.
Company D (Franklin Guards of Franklin County):
   Muster roll, April 3, 1862;
   Election returns, March 4 and November 13, 1862;
   Letter, Capt. K.R. Webb to Col. J.S. Hamilton certifying muster roll, April 21, 1862.
Company E (Holmesville Guards of Pike County):
   Muster roll, March 22-April 25, 1862;
   Election returns, March 10 and March 22, 1862.
Company F (Leake Rebels of Leake County):
   Roster, undated;
   Election reports of Company F for March 3 and April 21, 1862.
Company G (Davis Guards aka Sons of Liberty of Choctaw County):
   Muster roll and certificate of elections, April 1, 1862;
   Election Certificate, April 2, 1862;
   MDAH veterans' survey form of George W. Hill, undated.
Company H (Rebel Avengers of Coahoma County):
   List of officers and privates of Captain W.S. Warren's Company, March 20, 1862;
   Report of Examining Board to Relieve the Army of Disqualified, Disabled and Incompetent Officers regarding 2nd Lieutenant R.M. Barnes of Company H, January 5, 1864;
   R.C. Sharpe material: Certificate of Retirement, October 10, 1864, Certificate of Assignment to Invalid Corps for duty in the Enrolling Service, October 15, 1864 and letter regarding R.C. Sharpe received
      by Major C.D. Melton, November 12, 1864;
   Company election return, March 1, 1862.
Company I (Mississippi Defenders of Panola County):
   Muster roll, April 17, 1862;
   Election report, April 24, 1862.
Company K (Amite Defenders of Amite County):
   Muster roll, April 1, 1862;
   List of votes cast for Second Lieutenant of Captain Jackson's Company of the Regiment commanded by Colonel D.W. Hurst, April 29, 1862;
   Certificate recording Andrew J. Whittington's election to Second Lieutenant of Company K, April 4, 1862;
   Certificate recording election of Captain, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant, March 1, 1862.