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Z 0301.000

Series 37. Twenty Photographs
1980; n.d.
0.85 cubic ft

Note on Series: This series consists of materials relating to Eudora Welty's book, Twenty Photographs (Winston-Salem, N.C.: Palaemon Press, 1980). Some material was added from the gift of Welty's Estate, and it is indicated by bold font. The descriptions of the material included in the original donation are drawn from those created by Suzanne Marrs for her work The Welty Collection: A Guide to the Eudora Welty Manuscripts and Documents at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi, 1988). Some material has been re-housed for better preservation.


"A Word on the Photographs." n.d. 2 pieces.
A typescript draft with handwritten corrections by Welty in ink. This version varies slightly from the final published one.

Description Box Number Folder Number
"A Word on the Photographs" 77 1

Published Materials

Published Inserts. 1980. 2 pieces each.
Two copies of the published insert accompanying the portfolio volumes of Twenty Photographs. Both copies contain "A Word on the Photographs" by Welty; a "Contents" page; and pages of publication information. Both are signed by Welty. The first copy (fol. 2) is described as "Portfolio number III of ninety," and accompanies the portfolio volume described below. The second copy (fol. 3) is "Portfolio number V of ninety," but has no accompanying volume.

Description Box Number Folder Number
Published insert for Portfolio number III 77 2
Published insert for Portfolio number V 77 3
Five unnumbered covers for Portfolio inserts 77 4

Twenty Photographs portfolio volume. 1980. 1 volume of 20 prints.
This is number 3 in a signed, limited edition of ninety copies. Listed below are the photographs appearing in this volume; the numbers for their negatives; and, when known, the type of camera Welty used to take the photographs.

Neg. #740(Recomar) — 1. A Woman of the 'Thirties 1935OS31
Neg. #1005(Rolleiflex) — 2. Old Midwife (Ida M'Toy) 1940OS31
Neg. #987(Recomar) — 3. Mother and Child 1935OS31
Neg. #691(Rolleiflex) — 4. Delegate 1938OS31
Neg. #150(Recomar) — 5. Child on the Porch 1939OS31
Neg. #693(Recomar) — 6. Preacher and Leaders of the Holiness Church 1939OS31
Neg. #969(Kodak) — 7. Chopping in the Fields 1935OS31
Neg. #960(Recomar) — 8. Tomato Packers' Recess 1936OS31
Neg. #989(Recomar) — 9. Saturday Trip to Town 1939OS31
Neg. #714(Kodak) — 10. Courthouse Town 1935OS31
Neg. #703(Kodak) — 11. Saturday Strollers 1935OS31
Neg. #44(Rolleiflex) — 12. Store Front 1940OS31
Neg. #970(Recomar) — 13. Side Show, State Fair 1939OS31
Neg. #983(Recomar) — 14. Houseboat Family, Pearl River 1939OS31
Neg. #710(Rolleiflex) — 15. A House with Bottle Trees 1941OS31
Neg. #1051(Rolleiflex) — 16. Ruins of Windsor 1942OS31
Neg. #1055(Rolleiflex) — 17. Ghost River-Town 1942OS31
No Neg.18. Abandoned "Lunatic Asylum" 1940OS31
No Neg.(Kodak) — 19. Carrying Home the Ice 1936OS31
Neg. #993(Kodak) — 20. Home by Dark 1936OS31

Table of Contents