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Z 0301.000

Series 36. Memorabilia

Dust jacket of A Curtain of Green, First Edition. 1941.
Gift card, reading "Love and Congratulations|Book Department of The Office Supply Co." [1949].
Check stub from the American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois, for foreign language condensation rights to "Livvie is. Back." [1953].
A card for the St. Regis Maisonette in New York City with the address of Moss Hart on reverse. [1954].
A slip of paper with the address of Julie Harris Guriau. [1956].
A slip of paper with the address of David Wayne. [1956].
A program of the 60th Annual Commencement Convocation at Southern Methodist University; EW received an honorary degree at the Convocation. 1975.
EW's Columbia University Doctor of Letters honorary degree. 1982.
Advertisements of books, articles about EW, articles mentioning EW, best seller lists, articles about book publication, news photographs, brief reviews. (Listed in order of publication of EW's books.)
      A Curtain of Green: 3 items
      Delta Wedding: 19 items
      The Ponder Heart: 9 items
      The Bride of the Innisfallen: 4 items
      Losing Battles: 20 items
      One Time, One Place: 4 items
      The Optimist's Daughter: 6 items
      The Eye of the Story: 15 items
      "Bye Bye Brevoort": Program of The Littlest Revue, 1955-56 season of the Phoenix Theater in NYC
      (the revue included EW's "Bye Bye Brevoort"); photograph of Jackson's 1958 Little Theatre production;
      a program for and a newspaper article about the Jackson production. 4 items.
Playbills of, articles about, advertisements drawn from, reviews of dramatizations or other creative productions of Welty's fiction (Listed in order of production.).
      The Ponder Heart
            Broadway production.
                  A scrapbook of ephemeral materials.
            Various productions. 76 items.
                  Playbill from Country Playhouse, Syracuse, N.Y., has a holograph note from David Wayne to
                  EW on the cover. (Wayne played Uncle Daniel Ponder in this July 9-14, 1956, production.)
            Univ. of Miss. production. 1977. Album.
                  Album contains newspaper clippings, 14 photos of the production, a dittoed script.
      The Shoe Bird
            Jackson, Miss., production. 1968. 2 items.
      A Seasons of Dreams
            Jackson, Miss., production. Program.
      The Robber Bridegroom
            St. Clement's production. 1974. 5 items.
            The Acting Company productions. 1975. 36 items.
            Biltmore Theatre, New York City. 1976. 13 items.
            Los Angeles production. 1976. 16 items.
Photographs of dramatic productions. (Listed in order of production.)
      The Ponder Heart
            Broadway production. 8 photographs.
            Jackson, Miss., production. 1956. 9 photographs.
            Jackson (Miss.) Little Theatre, October 1956.
            Univ. of Miss. production. 1977.
      The Shoe Bird
            Jackson, Miss., production. 1968. 15 photographs.
                  Production of April 20, 1968.
      Petrified Man and Why I Live at the P.O.
            Univ. of Illinois production. 1979. Album.
                  Performance done in conjuction with the presentation of an honorary degree to EW (5/20/79).
      "A Visit of Charity." Dramatization.
            Unidentified production. 10 photographs.
Miscellaneous: 27 items

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