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Z 0301.000

Series 35 Works by Others
1930; 1942-2002; n.d.
8.21 cubic ft.
Duplication by photocopying or scanning is restricted. Any reproduction of items in this series is prohibited.

This series consists of works that were not written by Eudora Welty, but were either sent to her or collected by her. They include works by admirers, by people inspired by Welty, and by people who wanted Welty's help in getting their work published. The series also contains works sent to Welty for criticism or promotion by publishing houses; works sent her by literary colleagues like Bernard Malamud; and ones sent by such close friends as Lehman Engel and Diarmuid Russell. In addition, Welty collected and kept essays, reviews, and other articles by or about her friends, literary colleagues, and writers she admired such as Kenneth Millar, Reynolds Price, V. S. Pritchett, and Seamus Heaney. Welty also retained works on gardening by her mother, Chestina Welty.

The materials present in this series include a diverse array of formats. Most are copies of typescript or printed versions of short stories, essays, plays, or novels. But there are also hand-made small volumes; slides of art works; copies of photographs; original sketches; and family trees.

While this series does include genealogical works on the Welty family, works inspired by Welty, and those containing brief mentions of Welty or her work, this series does not include biographical works on Welty herself; interviews with her; or bibliographies, reviews, criticism, or essays concerning her work. These will be found elsewhere in the Welty Collection in the appropriate series. However, one will find in this series occasional remarks or replies by Welty regarding an author's work.

Frequently, the works sent to Welty are accompanied by correspondence addressed to her by the authors or creators themselves, or their representatives. However, in the case of those authors who have been identified in Series 29b as Welty's "Select" correspondents, any accompanying correspondence remains in Series 29b, and cross-references to the location of these letters will be found on the folders containing their works.

Finally, the works of all but one of the authors / creators listed below have been added to the original collection from the Estate gift. Their names are indicated in bold font. The descriptions of Deborah Thompson Yarrow's works, which were originally present in the Collection, are drawn from those created by Suzanne Marrs for her work The Welty Collection: A Guide to the Eudora Welty Manuscripts and Documents at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi, 1988).

Box List

Most of the material in this series may be found in boxes 338-343. The material in boxes 110, 344-351 has been housed separately because of its size or format. An index of works of individual authors follows this box list.

Box Number Contents
338 Abbitt, Earluth and Raymond - Chester, Iris M.
339 Clark, Nancy Welty - Gordon, Anne J.
340 Granat, Kit - Lynch, Jim
341 Malamud, Bernard - Pryce-Jones, Alan
342 R. P. - Wesley, Lucy Jane
343 White, Cecil - Zackel, Frederick
344 Massad, Stewart, "Doctors and Other Casualties"
345 Caldwell, Price, "Proteus Rising"
110 Sanders, Barbara, Learning to Skate at Fifty-Two
346 Spencer, Elizabeth, Landscapes of the Heart: A Memoir
347 Thames, Susan, "As Much as I Know"; Verghese, Abraham, "Silence in the Mountains…"
348 Aperture, Fall 1991; four issues of Hermes, 1992-1994; Shenandoah, Spring 2001; South Atlantic Review, Summer 1999; The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash; The Oxford American, Winter 1994
349 Cheloniidae Press work examples; Law, Jeriann M., portraits; Markus, Kirk, Y's bed + bath/Y's for living, and Photographs
350 Harwood, Mary Welty family tree; Welty, Nancy and Virginia, genealogical information
351 Author, Unidentified, Welty family tree
374 Welty, Chestina, “The Perennial Border”
375 Welty, Chestina, “The Perfect Garden” (handwritten draft, typescript and copy)

List of Authors / Creators and Works

This list of authors / Creators is arranged first alphabetically by last name, and thereunder by date of work, and then by title. If there is no title, or there are multiple works included together, a short description of the work, or of its format (poems, photographs, etc.), is provided instead. The names of the authors whose work was added to this series by the gift of Welty's Estate appear in bold font. It should be noted that, for sorting purposes, the dates given in this list include supplied ones: brackets indicating these supplied dates will appear on the folders. In the case of some photocopies, the date given is that of the original work. The arrangement of folders within each box may vary slightly from arrangement on the list: for example, groups of works by an author may remain in the order in which they were found at the time of processing.

Author / Creator Title / Description of Work Date(s) Box #
Abbitt, Earluth and Raymond E. "Musings of A Sitting Buddha" 1984 338
Acree, Doug "Descendants of Thomas Andrews" 1999 338
Ada (last name "Foster"?) Untitled "sketch" 1930; n.d. 338
Adler, John Morel "The Twin Oaks: A Collection of Stories" n.d. 338
Allan Portrait of an elderly lady n.d. 338
Allen, Woody “The Whore of Mensa” 1974 338
Anderson, Beverly "The Tales from Twin Chimneys" 1996; 1998; n.d. 338
Andrade, Carlos Drummond de First page of "Four Poems" 1976 338
Anthony, Michael "Free Pens" 1995-1996 338
Applebaum, Gary D. "School Days," "A Sub for Mrs. Singleton," draft reply by Welty 1983; n.d. 338
Armon, Melissa, et al.
(Davis Magnet School students)
Pledge, "The Last Bell" 1991; n.d. 338
Bailey, Dennis Seven poems 1986-1989 338
Baker, Laura A. "Marcus and Densby" 1987-1989 338
Balamuth, Eva D. Untitled story involving Edward Welty 1986; n.d. 338
Balamuth, Eva D. "How I Almost Met Eudora Welty" 1987; n.d. 338
Bean, Carl "The First of the Week" 1989; n.d. 338
Becker, Ed "Sometime" 1988 338
Bell, Sylvia M. "Coastal Pier Fishing 1990; 1991; n.d. 338
Bennett, Jodi "Billy the Kid Candies" 1986; n.d. 338
Bennett, Paul (Select) "Team Logging" 1984 338
Bennett, Paul (Select) "A Son Speaks of the Sun" 1997 338
Benoit, Raymond "Again with Fair Creation: Holy Places in American Literature" 1980; 1981 338
Bertolino, Rosaleen, Janet Wondra and Laura Johnson-Bickford Sample selections from The Wandering Mother 1987; 1988 338
Billings, Robert K. Poetry and photographs of champion boxer dog 1989; n.d. 338
Blackwell, Charles "The Hundred Dollars" 1978; n.d. 338
Blount, Roy, Jr. [Be Sweet: A Conditional Love Story] ca. 1998 338
Boatman, Susan Morrison "The Prentice Pavilion: A Revolution in Hospital Architecture by the Master of the Concrete Shell" and other excerpts of work 1994; 1998 338
Bocock [Guerard], Maclin (Select) "Play Me 'Stormy Weather,' Please" 1983 338
Bowen, Elizabeth (Select) “Blashfield Address” 1954 338
Bowen, Elizabeth (Select) "The Principle of Her Art Was Joy" 1954 338
Bowen, Elizabeth (Select) "A Passage to E. M. Forster" (six copies) 1969 338
Braselton, Al "The Yes-Jesus-Loves-Me Lady" 1987 338
Brinkmeyer, Robert H., Jr. (Select) "Walker Percy's Lancelot: Discovery through Dialogue" 1986; n.d. 338
Brinkmeyer, Robert H., Jr. (Select) [Other Voices, other Selves: The Art and Vision of Flannery O'Connor] (five pages of first chapter) 1988 338
Broadrup [?], Beth "A Star for Andie" n.d. 338
Broberg, John "A Time of Bells & Whistles" 1987-1988 338
Brooks, Cleanth (Select) "An Affair of Honor: Larry Brown's Joe" 1991? 338
Brown, Polly Three poems based on Welty photographs 1986; n.d. 338
Broyard, Anatole "Gallic Chic and Irish Pique" 1977 338
Brunetta, Leslie "Henry Green and Blitz Lit" 1990 338
Bryden, Ronald "Swanker" 1987 338
Bubrig, K. Thomas "A Letter to Miss Welty" 1993; n.d. 338
Burger, Nash K. (Select) "Sequel in New Orleans" 1937 338
Burger, Nash K. (Select) "The Search for Clara Kelley" 1982-1983 338
Butler, Larnell C. Four poems 1989; 1990; n.d. 338
Butler, Marilyn "Jane Austen's Word Process" 1987 338
Caldwell, Norm Here's a Thought 2000 338
Caldwell, Price "Proteus Rising" 1989; n.d. 345
Campbell, Meredith "The Lesson of Fontingrass" 1993; n.d. 338
Capers, Charlotte (Select) “28 Eventful Years” 1987 338
Capers, Charlotte (Select) "Fred Appears" and other stories of Fred n.d. 338
Capers, Charlotte (Select) Pages from a scrapbook n.d. 338
Cedarburg High School, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, students Pieces of the Past, Volume V 1995 338
Chambers, Ruth Coe "A Way of Life" 1974; n.d. 338
Chekhov, Anton "Intrigues" trans. by Peter Constantine 1997 338
Cheloniidae Press (Select) Work Examples 1982-1984; n.d. 349
Cheloniidae Press (Select) Promotional materials, text for limited edition of Mark Twain's "The Jumping Frog" 1984; n.d. 338
Cherry, Esther "The Peace that Follows Pain" n.d. 338
Chester, Iris M. "A Silver Teaspoon" 1991; n.d. 338
Clark, Nancy Welty "Descendants of Welty 14 Nov. 1996" 1996 339
Clark, Nancy Welty Welty family genealogy 1997; n.d. 339
Clemons, Walter (Select) "Do You Have to Read Lavin?" 1971 339
Clemons, Walter (Select) "Getting Chekhov Straight" 1973 339
Clemons, Walter (Select) “You Can’t Go Home Again” (review of Peter Taylor’s A Summons to Memphis) 1986 339
Clemons, Walter (Select) "Always Off Balance and Always Secure" 1990 339
Cline, Robert F. Excerpts from "The Tatooed Innocent and the Raunchy Grandmother" 1979 339
Cobb, William "Somewhere in All this Green" ca. 1978 339
Cole, Hunter McKelva (Select) "Chekhov in Taganrog" 1995 339
Cole, Hunter McKelva (Select) "Three Landmarks" n.d. 339
Collins, Florence O. Outline of book: The Glory of the Imperfect 1990; n.d. 339
Columbia Business School Hermes (four issues) 1992-1994 348
Comer, David "Incoming" 1977 339
Comer, David "Jus' A Chance" 1977; n.d. 339
Comes-Winslow, Marcella "A Time and Place" 1987 339
Corrington, John William "Convocation Talk," Centenary College, Shreveport, La.; excerpts of last letter to a friend 1990; n.d. 339
Coulter, Hope Norman Sample chapter of Coulter's Errand of the Eye 1988; n.d. 339
Covington, Vicki "The House Within" n.d. 339
Cox, Elizabeth "Land of Goshen" 1979; n.d. 339
Criss, Leslie Two newspaper articles on Ethel Wright Mohamed 1992; n.d. 339
Dalton, Liz Prospectus, examples, and illustrations of Aesop's Fables 1997; n.d. 339
Dalvit-McPhillips, Stephanie "The Right Bite": book proposal, sample chapters, and related material 1996; n.d. 339
Davenport, Guy (Select) "ALKMAN Partheneia and Fragments" 1969 339
Davenport, Guy (Select) "The Aeroplanes at Brescia" 1970 339
Davis [?], Margo [?] Photocopy of photograph of Welty 1983 339
Dawson, Marie Eight magazine articles 1991-1996; n.d. 339
De Angelis, Len "17 April '98" 1998 339
De Mott, Benjamin "A Man Looking Back, Around and Inside" 1983 339
Denniston, Constance Portrait of Welty 1989; n.d. 339
Derrick, Curtis "Racing the L + N," "The Tailor" 1990; n.d. 339
Dirda, Michael “Rediscovering Henry Green” (incomplete copy) n.d. 339
Doyle, Thomas J. Untitled poem 1989 339
Ducksworth, Sara F. Smith "The Reading Autobiography of An English Teacher" 1988-1989 339
Dumas, Joseph (Select) Four articles published in The Times 1993 339
Dumas, Joseph (Select) "20Q" interview with Gore Vidal; "For the Love of Sean," 1998 339
Dyes, Joei Llyne Newspaper columns 1989; 1993; n.d. 339
Dyes, Joei Llyne "Auntie Rae and the Jesus Thing"; and Ariel, Spring 1991 1991; 1993; n.d. 339
Dyes, Joei Llyne "Snapshots" 1993; n.d. 339
Dyes, Joei Llyne "The Women Who Raised Me" n.d. 339
Eberhardt, David The Tree Calendar 1985; n.d. 339
Elberfeld, Katherine "The Washing Machine" 1980 339
Elliot, Mary Lee (Select) "Heartbreak"; "Falling in Love" n.d. 339
Engel, Lehman (Select) "The Wife of Usher's Well" sheet music 1955 339
Eubanks, Georgann “A Private and Unpredictable Artist: Anne Tyler” 1983 339
Evans, Leonard "A Courtly Story of Good and Evil" 1988 339
Everett, Dixie Belle "Thanksgiving in Mississippi" 1989; n.d. 339
Eyster, Virginia Hannaford "Journey of the Heart" (Chapters lacking) 1985; n.d. 339
Ezell, George "Too Southern to Be A Christian (Bubba's Book)" 1995 339
Farmer, David Selections from A Descriptive Bibliography of the Works of Flannery O'Connor 1980 339
Faulkner, William (Select) "Man Will Prevail…" 1950 339
Faulkner, William (Select) "The Rights of Man" n.d. 339
Fearing, Kelly (Select) A Retrospective Exhibition of Drawings and Other Works on Paper, 1945-1985 1985; 1989 339
Ferris, William (Select) "Echoes of a Literary Renaissance" 1994-1995 339
Ferris, William (Select) Reckon: The Magazine of Southern Culture 1995 339
Ferris, William (Select) "Rediscovering America through the Humanities" 1998 339
Ferris, William (Select) "You Live and Learn: An Oral History of Ray Lum" n.d. 339
Ferrone, John R. (Select) "The Best of Beard and Brown" 1995; n.d. 339
Ferrone, John R. (Select) "About My Sons" n.d. 339
Ferrone, John R. (Select) "The Rise of Lorenzo Villari" n.d. 339
Finger, Bill First chapter of "Fathers-Dispatches from Unexplored Territories"; article on Doris Betts 1989 339
Finger, Mamie Lee Ratliff "Growing Up Southern in the Mississippi Delta, 1918-1935" 1984 339
Foote, Shelby (Select) Interview on "Faulkner and War" 1981 339
Ford, Richard (Select) “First Things First: One more writer’s beginnings” 1988 339
Fraze, Bernice "The Day of the Storm" 1986; n.d. 339
Freedman, James O. "Originals and copies" 1990 339
Fry, Catherine, Director of University of South Carolina Press Publicity materials for Southern Writers: Photographs by David G. Spielman and Text by William W. Starr 1997 339
Geitner, Sheila Ennis Application; extracts from "Language of the Heart," "Walking in the Way of Cain" 1993 339
George, Faye Four poems 1987-1989 339
Gerber, Merrill Joan "Follow the Thread into the Labyrinth: A Fond Recollection of Andrew Lytle 1988-1989 339
Gibson, Vaughn K. "Oranges and Indifference" 1983; n.d. 339
Gilbert, Sarah Scenes from Hairdo 1989; n.d. 339
Gold, Herman Poems 1982; n.d. 339
Gordon, Anne J. "Christmas on Goldust Street" 1986; n.d. 339
Granat, Kit "Revive the Roll" n.d. 340
Gray, Paul “Civil War in the Upper South” (review of Peter Taylor’s A Summons to Memphis) 1986 340
Green, Henry (Select) “Unloving” 1961 340
Grelan, Jay C. "Dirty Laundry" 1988; n.d. 340
Grelen, Jay C. Newspaper columns 1993; 1994 340
Griliches, Diane Asséo "Preface" and sample copy of The Drama Within: Libraries and their Inhabitants 1993-1995 340
Guisado, Ana R. "Reality of My Imagination," "The Duality of Transience" 1969; 1974-1979 340
Gutendorf, Vincent F., Jr. Selections from his manuscript on the drama reviews of Stark Young 1987; 1991; n.d. 340
Haberman, Daniel (Select) "The American Poets' Corner: The First Three Years (1983-1986)" 1986; 1987 340
Hagen, Charles, ed. Aperture, Fall 1991 1991 348
Haltom, Susan “Where Wonder Expresses Itself: Flowers in Eudora Welty’s Garden and Prose” 1995 340
Hankins, Leslie Project description, scenario of a videotape on Virginia Woolf's Talland House 1987; n.d. 340
Hankins, Leslie Kathleen Photograph, photocopied photographs of Virginia Woolf's Talland House 1988; n.d. 340
Hankins, Leslie "Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse" "Text accompanying cassette." Title by Welty (no cassette included). Scrapbook, mock-up, photocopied pages with photographs n.d. 340
Harrison, Nick "Stalking Eudora Welty" 1987; n.d. 340
Harwood, Mary Welty Family Tree 1995; n.d. 350
Hawkins, Betty Ruth Poem n.d. 340
Haxton, Josephine [Ellen Douglas] (Select) "Walker Percy as Novelist" n.d. 340
Heaney, Seamus “A Pilgrim’s Progress” (interview with Fintan O’Toole; incomplete) 1984 340
Heaney, Seamus “Mr. Palomer” (review of work by Italo Calvino) 1985 340
Heaney, Seamus "Composed for Harvard's 350th Anniversary, September, 1986, Villanelle for an Aniversary" [sic] 1986 340
Heaney, Seamus “Inferno III” 1987 340
Heaney, Seamus "Gulliver in Lilliput: Remembering Robert Lowell" 1988 340
Heaney, Seamus Agenda, Spring 1989, "Seamus Heaney Fiftieth Birthday Issue" 1989 340
Heaney, Seamus "Changes," "The Railway Children," "The Loaning" n.d. 340
Heaney, Seamus "The Birthplace" n.d. 340
Hemingway, Lorian "Walking into the River" 1992 340
Herman, Dee "Pat, Vanna, Mom, and Dad" 1989 340
Hewitt, Christopher Poems 1988; n.d. 340
Hickman High School, Columbia, Missouri, students Six stories 1987; n.d. 340
Hill, Ingrid (Select) "Jolie-Gray" 2000 340
Hill, Kathleen (Select) "Reading with Diana" 1998 340
Hill, Rebecca (Select) "Cotton House," Chapter One n.d. 340
Holbrook, Frankie "Alma" 1988; n.d. 340
Hood, Mary (Select) "Moths" 1984 340
Hood, Mary (Select) "Something Good for Ginnie" 1985 340
Hood, Mary (Select) "After Moore" n.d. 340
Hood, Mary (Select) "Desire Call of the Wild Hen" n.d. 340
Hood, Mary (Select) "Nobody's Fool" n.d. 340
Howell, Shelley "Curl Up and Dye" 1990 340
Howes, Barbara (Select) “To W. H. Auden on His Fiftieth Birthday” 1957 340
Howes, Barbara (Select) "The Snow Hole" 1960 340
Howes, Barbara (Select) “Hubert Walking – A Profile” 1966? 340
Humphrey, Emily Woodson Barksdale Reunion speech 1986; n.d. 340
Hury, Hadley "Denver: Cheesman Park" 1980; n.d. 340
Jacobs, Kate Song lyrics from Hydrangea 1998; n.d. 340
Jennings, Paul “Where the Bee Stuck” 1965 340
Johnston, Frances B. The Hampton Album 1966 340
Jones, Alun (Select) "After the Funeral…" n.d. 340
Jones, Alun (Select) “In Search of Cynara,” a review by Jones of The Savoy: Nineties Experiment, ed. by Stanley Wintraub, and “Presenting Saunders Lewis,” a review of that work which Jones edited. n.d. 340
Kaiser, Walter (Select) "Marguerite Yourcenar" 1988 340
Kashner, Rita "A Gift of Sugar," "Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee" 1978 340
Kazarian, Al "Breakfast at the White Rock Cafe"[sic] 1978; n.d. 340
Kelly, Lawrence Joseph Slides of paintings 1980; n.d. 340
Kendrick, Schaefer B. "But If You Do" 1984; n.d. 340
Kendrick, Schaefer B. "An Unworn Path" 1987 340
Kendrick, Schaefer B. "Shiloh" 1987; n.d. 340
Kennedy, J. Tyson "Friendship" 2002; n.d. 340
Kermode, Frank Three articles on Henry Green from Kermode’s “World of Books” column, The Daily Telegraph 1977; n.d. 340
Kreyling, Christine (Select) Columns for the Nashville Scene 1990-1991 340
Kreyling, Michael (Select) "Postmodern, postsouthern" 1992 340
Kreyling, Michael (Select) "Motion and Rest in the Novels of Reynolds Price" n.d. 340
Kulkarni, Venkatesh Srinivas "A Perfumed Bird or Allah Baksh: The Man Eaten By God" n.d. 340
Kulkarni, Venkatesh Srinivas "A Perfumed Bird or Allah Baksh, The Man Eaten By God" 1977; n.d. 340
Lacy, Allen (Select) Galley pages for portions of The Garden in Autumn 1990 340
Lagasse, Mary Helen "Rondo" 1978 340
Lapp, Horst Two copies of "Beyond Darkness" 1989; n.d. 340
Law, Jerriann M. "Yesterday," "Slithenband of Colour" 1990; 1993 340
Law, Jerriann M. Three portraits of Welty 1993 349
Law, Jerriann M. Three portraits: Welty and her family 1994; n.d. 349
Lazarus, Harriet S. "My Daughter's Mirror and other Dickensian Delights" 1994; 1995 340
Levens, B. L., Jr. "A Gifted Child," "Swamp" 1979: n.d. 340
Lewis, Edwin "The Woman in the Purple Hat" 1996; n.d. 340
Lindner, Carl / Carrier, Lois One poem by Lindner, two by Carrier n.d. 340
Litwack, Leon F. (Select) "Trouble in Mind: The Bicentennial and the Afro-American Experience" 1987 340
Long, Robert "Into wood" 1986; n.d. 340
Lospinuso, Donald "Eulogy for Mary Lospinuso" 2000 340
Lusk, Daniel "Mother Wouldn't Like It Very Much," synopsis, Part I 1977; n.d. 340
Lynch, Jim "The Hunchback" 1949; 1991; 1992 340
Malamud, Bernard (Select) Long Work, Short Life 1985; 1992 341
Manning, Carol S. "Untitled" by "Edna Earle Ponder" 1990 341
Markus, Kurt (Select) Y's bed + bath /Y's for living 1988 349
Markus, Kurt (Select) Photographs n.d. 349
Marlette, Doug "In Your Face: A Cartoonist At Work" 1991 341
Martin, Elma H., ed. The Stanard Salute issue containing "Eudora Welty and the Gardens" 1984-1985 341
Martin, Elma H., ed. The Stanard Salute pages for "Eudora Welty and the Gardens" 1984; 1993; n.d. 341
Massad, Stewart "Doctors and Other Casualties" n.d. 344
Maxwell, John (Select) Mississippi Jewel 1985; n.d. 341
Maxwell, William (Select) “Louise Bogan’s Story” 1985 341
Maxwell, William (Select) "The Passion for Print" 1986 341
Mayer, Dorothy Moulton “memories of a.e.” 1978 341
McCaddon, Beauvais S. "The Christmas Night Dance" 1991; n.d. 341
McFadden, Bernice L. Sugar 1999; n.d. 341
McGinley, Christine Mary "The Words of A Woman" n.d. 341
McHaney, Pearl Amelia (Select) Review of Mississippi's Old Capitol: Biography of a Building by John Ray Skates 1991 341
McKenna, Rosalie Thorne (Rollie) "Harriet van Schoonhoven Thorne," "The South" n.d. 341
Mergler, Wayne "Lutie" 1990; n.d. 341
Millar, Kenneth [Ross Macdonald] (Select) "The Scene of the Crime," "Goodbye Chandler" 1952; n.d. 341
Millar, Kenneth (Select) "Thomas Mann's Last Words" ca. 1958 341
Miller, Bonniebelle "Description of Table," "My Daddy" 1991; n.d. 341
Mitchum, Daisy "From the Plow to the Parlor" 1954; 1957; 1990; n.d. 341
Mitgang, Herbert “E. B. White, Essayist and Stylist, Dies” 1985 341
Mohn, Bent “Talk with Isak Dinesen” 1957 341
Neal, Bill (Select) "Introduction" to Elizabeth Lawrence's Through the Garden Gate 1988 341
Neill, Nancy "The Vindication of Square Cole," "Ridin' the M+O" 1998; n.d. 341
The New Yorker “E. B. White” 1985 341
Newell, Mavis "Viola" 1994: n.d. 341
Newman, Mark S. "The Wooden Net" 1981; 1994 341
Nichols, Lewis "Yes, Nash, There is a Virginia" 1974 341
Noble, Trinka Hakes and Steven Kellogg The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash 1980 348
O'Brien, Michael, ed. An Evening When Alone: Four Journals of Single Women in the South, 1827-1867: "Introduction … Ann Lewis Hardeman" n.d. 341
O'Brien, Michael, ed. An Evening When Alone…: "The Journal of Ann Lewis Hardeman" n.d. 341
Odom, Charles H. "Feel Not Sad" 1986 341
O'Laughlin, Michael "To Die in New Orleans: Reflections at Walker Percy's Grave" 1991 341
Pearce, Donald "Fortunate Fall: W. H. Auden at Michigan" (three copies) 1993 341
Percy, Walker (Select) "Novel-Writing in An Apocalyptic Time" 1982 341
Percy, Walker (Select) "The Fateful Rift: The San Andreas Fault in the Modern Mind" 1990; n.d. 341
Perdue, Tito "Crudities of the Insect World" 1986; n.d. 341
Persons, Troy "Phoenix's Journey Home" 1987 341
Pettit, Jane, and Louis Welty Welty family genealogical material 1993; n.d. 341
Phillips, Robert "One Poet's Education" 1980 341
Phipps, Thomas Erwin "Materia Medica" 1985 341
Porter, Paige "Playfield," "The Escort," "Sun Spots," "Opened like a Secret" 1995; n.d. 341
Powell, Richard B., Sr. "Memories of my parents and grandparents and of the things that were told to Me by them many years ago" 1995;1999; n.d. 341
Preston, Ken "Their Me" 1992; 1994; n.d. 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) "The Annual Heron," "To my niece – our photograph, in a hammock" 1977; n.d. 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) "In a Dim Warm Cave" 1984 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) "Vision" 1984 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) Program for August Snow 1985 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) “Spring Takes the Homeplace” 1988 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) Review of Letters of Katherine Anne Porter 1990 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) "Full Moon," program and script 1990; n.d. 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) Untitled passage from Blue Calhoun 1992 341
Price, Reynolds (Select) "A Lifetime of Tales from the Land of Broken Hearts" 1993 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) Original, photocopy of Vogue's March 1981 interview with Pritchett; his "The Writer's Tale," and "Bowen's Inner Lives" 1981 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) "Escape from England," "Katherine Mansfield," "Naipaul" 1981-1982 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “Dreaming of Savannah” 1983 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “Emile Zola Photographer” 1983 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) Reprint of "Henry Yorke, Henry Green" 1983 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) "My London" 1983 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “Turgenev” 1983 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “The Image Trade” 1984 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “The Last Letters of Henry James” 1984 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) "Pushkin" 1984 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “Seville” (lacking title page) 1984 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) "Edmund Wilson" 1987 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) "One of Nature's Balkans" 1987 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) Pritchett's "A Change of Policy," on verso of "Crossings" by Seamus Heaney 1989 341
Pritchett, V. S. (Select) “A Powerful…” (Incomplete copy of essay on Marc Chagall’s “La Mariée à Double Face”) n.d. 341
Pryce-Jones, Alan "American Literary Panorama" 1951 341
R. P. [sic], in Emory Magazine "Heaney Inaugurates Ellmann Lectures" 1988 342
Redick, Charlene "Saying Goodbye" n.d. 342
Reilly, Carol Wright "Row Houses – Row Lives" (two chapters) 1987; n.d. 342
Reimers, Frederick W. "Eleven Years Old" 1988 342
Rilke, Rainer Maria Excerpt from The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge n.d. 342
Riser, Mary Martin Forming Habits 1999; 2001 342
Roberts, Rachel Sherwood "Nettie" 1985; n.d. 342
Roberts, Rachel Sherwood "Mebbe I Never Knowed"; "The Old Red Hen" 1989; n.d. 342
Rochefort, Harriet Welty Welty family genealogical information 1986; 1988; n.d. 342
Romaine, Jean Kelly "Maddie" 1991; n.d. 342
Ross, Virginia "The Storytelling Capacity of William Maxwell" n.d. 342
Rubin, Louis D., Jr. (Select) "Binges and Trysts" n.d. 342
Russell, Diarmuid (Select) "An Experiment with Imagination" 1942 342
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