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Z 0301.000

Series 32. Criticism of Welty's Fiction:

Published Essays

Allen, John. "Eudora Welty: The Three Moments." 1974.
Ts, photocopy; pages [1]-20 and 3 pages of notes; paper read at Hollins College in Feb. 1974 and published in VQR 51 (1975): 605-27.
Bryant, J.A. "Seeing Double in The Golden Apples." 1974.
Ts., photocopy; pages [1]-21 and one page of notes; paper read at Hollins College in Feb. 1974 and published in Sewanee Review 82 (1974): 300-15.
Gross, Seymour. "A Long Day's Living: The Angelic Ingenuities of Losing Battles." 1978.
Ts, photocopy; pages [1]-27 plus 2 pages of notes; sent to EW by author 02.28.1978. EW's holograph notation on envelope reads: "Essay on Losing Battles|(a good one)|for Archives"; published in Eudora Welty: Critical Essays. Ed. Peggy W. Prenshaw. Jackson: Univ. Press of Miss., 1979. 325-40.
Gross, Seymour. "Eudora Welty's Comic Imagination." 1973. Off print; autographed by author; published in Comic Imagination in American Literature. Ed. Louis D. Rubin. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers Univ. Press, 1973. 339-48.
MacKethan, Lucinda. "To See Things in Their Time: The Act of Focus in Eudora Welty’s Fiction." n.d.
Ts, photocopy; title, pages [1]-63, two pages of notes; published as chapter 8 of The Dream of Arcady.
Magee, Rosemary. "Eudora Welty’s Losing Battles: A Patchwork Quilt of Stories." South Atlantic Review 49 (1984): 67-79. Tear sheets.
Manning, Carol F. "With Ears Opening like Morning Glories: Eudora Welty and the Love of Storytelling." n.d.
Ts, photocopy; title, pages i-ii, iv-vi, 253; part of typescript of book with the same title.
Mullen, Dale. "Some Notes on the Stories of Eudora Welty." Mississippi Literary Review I.1 (1941): 21-24.
Pei, Lowrey. "Dreaming the Other in The Golden Apples." n.d.
Ts, photocopy; pages [1]-33; published in MFS 28 (1982): 415-33.
Prenshaw, Peggy W. "Woman's World, Man's Place: The Fiction of Eudora Welty." 1978.
Ts, photocopy; pages [1]-39; in envelope dated 03.28.1978; published in Eudora Welty: A Form of Thanks. Ed. Louis Dollarhide and Ann Abadie. Jackson: Univ. Press of Miss. 1979. 46-77.
Rubin, Louis. "Everything Brought Out in the Open: Eudora Welty's Losing Battles." Hollins Critic, VII (June 1970): 1-7, 9-12.
Vande Kieft, Rutt M. "Eudora Welty: The Question of Meaning." n.d.
Ts, photocopy; pages [1]-21; published in Southern Quarterly 20 (Summer 1982): 24-39.

Unpublished Essays

Gohlke, Madelon S. "The Charmed Circle: Maternal Protectiveness in Delta Wedding." n.d.
Ts, photocopy; pages [1]-6.
Seaman, Gerda and Walker, Ellen. "The Ponder Heart." n.d. Ts, photocopy; title, pages [1]-32, 2 pages of notes.
William, Nancy Clarke. Untitled. 1979.
Ts, photocopy; 17 pages; an essay about The Golden Apples, dated Dec. 79 and written by a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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