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Z 0301.000
Series 29b: Select Correspondence.

1921-2001; n.d.
31.00 cubic ft.

The “Select Correspondence” includes letters written by more than eight hundred individuals. Among these individuals are members of Eudora Welty’s family, Jackson friends, college friends, fellow writers and photographers, editors and publishers, scholars working with her fiction or arranging for her visits to their campuses, journalists, filmmakers, playwrights, theatrical producers, elected officials, and individuals who fall into two or more of these categories. These letters are likely to be of value to students of Welty’s life and work and to those studying the life and work of writers who were her friends.

The letters written by Mary Lou Aswell, Frank Lyell, Kenneth Millar, John Robinson, and Diarmuid Russell are of special interest because the Welty Collection also includes letters from Eudora Welty to these individuals. Mary Lou Aswell was a fiction editor at Harper’s Bazaar when she and Welty met. Their correspondence began in 1947 and continued until Aswell died in 1984. Frank Lyell was a lifelong Welty friend from Jackson, Mississippi. Lyell went on to teach English at North Carolina State University and at the University of Texas. Their correspondence spans the years 1930 to 1977, the year of Lyell’s death. Kenneth Millar, an established mystery writer, wrote under the pen name of Ross Macdonald and was a resident of Santa Barbara, California, when he first wrote Welty in 1970. Their correspondence continued until 1982, when Millar’s Alzheimer’s disease made it impossible. John F. Robinson was Welty’s friend from their high school days together; he and Welty were romantically involved from 1937-1952. At some point in the 1970s, Welty, in an effort to protect Robinson’s privacy, destroyed most of his letters to her, but those written after this date and twenty-three early letters have survived. Of particular note is Robinson’s letter describing the Battle of Sicily, in which he participated. Diarmuid Russell was Welty’s agent and close friend, from 1940 until his death in 1973, and his letters to Welty span this period.

Letters from Welty’s fellow writers comprise a veritable Who’s Who of American and English literature. Elizabeth Bishop, William Faulkner, Ford Madox Ford, Richard Ford, E. M. Forster, Caroline Gordon, Henry Green, Josephine Haxton (aka Ellen Douglas), Beth Henley, Barbara Howes, Alun Jones, Gwyn Jones, Mary Lavin, Mary Mian, Willie Morris, Toni Morrison, Howard Moss, Joyce Carol Oates, Walker Percy, S. J. Perelman, William Jay Smith, William Styron, Allen Tate, Peter Taylor, Anne Tyler, Alfred Uhry, Robert Penn Warren, Richard Wilbur, and Tennessee Williams are part of the series. A substantial number of letters from the writers Elizabeth Bowen, Katherine Anne Porter, and Reynolds Price, all close friends of Welty, are by virtue of their number and the span of years they cover an especially important part of the series.

The letters from Elizabeth Bowen begin in 1950 and end in 1970. They focus primarily upon Welty’s visits with Bowen in London and Ireland and Bowen’s with Welty in Jackson, Mississippi, and New York City. Bowen also discusses the writers Carson McCullers and T. S. Eliot. Welty’s letters to Bowen are held by the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas in Austin.

The letters from Katherine Anne Porter begin in 1938 and end in 1977. Welty herself organized the letters as she worked upon an essay about Porter (“My Introduction to Katherine Anne Porter.” Georgia Review XLIV.1-2: 13-27.) These letters include descriptions of Porter’s early efforts to help Welty’s career, the time they shared at Yaddo, her distaste for Carson McCullers, her feelings about World War II, her inability to finish a novel, her divorce from Albert Erskine, and the pleasure she takes in her annual Twelfth Night parties. Welty’s letters to Porter are held by the University of Maryland Libraries.

The letters from Reynolds Price span the years 1955 to 1996 and show their friendship, which began when Price was a student at Duke University, evolving through the years. In the letters Price thanks Welty for her assistance, discusses writers he admires, asks Welty’s advice about stories, eventually offers his advice to her about manuscripts she has sent him, provides moral support to her during times of crisis, and discusses his own battle with cancer. Welty’s letters to Price are held by Duke University.

The letters from Welty’s parents to her and the letters they exchanged between themselves are sealed until 2021, but there are family letters from Andrews, Upshurs, and Weltys in the Select Correspondence just as there are letters from many of Welty’s close friends: Jackson, Mississippi, friends include Willia Wright Bennett, Patti Black, Thomasina Blissard, Nash Burger, Charlotte Capers, Hubert Creekmore, Lehman Engel, Bill Hamilton, Ralph Hilton, Willanna Mallett, Jane Petty, Leone Shotwell Ricketts, Emily White Ring, Dorothy Simmons, Willie Spann, Tom Spengler, Phineas and Pat Stevens, Jack Wiseman, and Jimmie Wooldridge. Friends from her undergraduate and graduate studies at the Mississippi State College for Women, the University of Wisconsin, and Columbia University and friends she made on travels in this country and abroad are also represented in this series.

Welty’s literary career led her to correspond with many notable figures in the world of publishing; publishers Alfred Knopf and William Jovanovich, editors John Woodburn, Lambert Davis, Robert Giroux, Albert Erskine, and John Ferrone, and agents Henry Volkening and Timothy Seldes are among them.

The Robber Bridegroom and The Ponder Heart, two Welty novellas, drew forth the interest of theatrical producers, playwrights and actors, and a substantial amount of correspondence concerns the dramatization of these two works. Letters from Eddie Dowling, William Archibald, Baldwin Bergersen, Jerome Chodorov, William Fields, John Houseman, Danny Kaye, Kevin Kline, Sarah Marshall, Una Merkel, David Wayne fall into this category.

The interest of scholars in Welty’s work is quite evident from the letters in this series. Letters from Louis Rubin, who invited Welty to Hollins College in the 1950s; Daniel Aaron, who hosted Welty at Smith College in the sixties and in the 1980s invited her to deliver the William E. Massey, Sr., Lectures in the History of American Civilization at Harvard University (lectures revised and published as One Writer’s Beginnings); Robert Daniel, who along with Welty and Frank Lyell wrote a never published book of parodies called Lillies that Fester; Laurence Stapleton, who taught at Bryn Mawr where Welty was a Lucy Donnelly Fellow; and many other academics are now available for research.

The scholarly regard for Welty’s work is reflected in the number of film that work has commanded and in the interest of documentary filmmakers in her life. The correspondence from Patchy Wheatley, Calvin Skaggs, Richard Moore, Bruce Schwartz, and Alan Bergman typifies that interest.

Having worked briefly as a journalist herself, Welty felt an affinity for many who practiced this profession as they did for her. Letters from Roger Mudd, Jim Lehrer, and Robert MacNeil bear testimony to this connection.

Of course, there are many surprises to be found in the Select Correspondence. The interest that English aesthete Stephen Tennant took in Welty’s work and the elaborately illustrated letters he sent her are perhaps one such surprise. Others lie in store and will richly reward those who read the Select Correspondence.

Suzanne Marrs

Note on the arrangement:

The Select Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by writer, and thereunder, chronologically. While the correspondence may include enclosures, such as letters of mutual acquaintances that were forwarded to Welty, only the names of the principal correspondents appear in this finding aid or on the folders. These names appear usually in the forms used by the writers in their correspondence with Welty. Where known, variant or fuller name forms, such as married names or pen names, will appear in parentheses.

If an individual wrote to Welty primarily on behalf of an organization, institution, or another person, the correspondence is filed under the name of that organization, institution, or person, with the actual writer’s name following in parentheses on the folder. If a folder contains items written or signed by the spouse or other family members of a principal correspondent, either that family member’s name or the phrase “and family” will appear on the folder.

While the correspondence of an individual is primarily arranged by date, occasional fragile items have been encapsulated, and placed in separate folders for better preservation. The folders of these items, therefore, may duplicate, or overlap with, the chronological order of the regular correspondence. Where files were arranged by Eudora Welty herself, they have been preserved as separate folders, and filed in the best date order possible.

If an item accompanying a piece of correspondence could better serve researchers in another series, that material has been placed within the appropriate series and cross-references have been made on the folder of the principal piece of correspondence. So, for example, most manuscripts originally enclosed with letters to Welty have been moved to other series, as the folders containing those letters will indicate.

Box List

(Dates given on the list are those of the principal items of correspondence.)

Box Number Contents
151 Aaron, Daniel – Aswell, Duncan
152 Aswell, Mary Louise (1941 - 1972)
153 Aswell, Mary Louise (1973 - 1984; n.d.) - Bayley, Isabel
154 Beck, Warren - Black, D. Carl, Jr.
155 Black, Patti Carr - Brister, Mary
156 Brody, Sallie - Buttfield, Helen
157 Cable, Mary - Cohen, Edward
158 Colby, Harriet - Crane, Joan
159 Cranfill, Thomas M. – Dawson, Margaret
160 Day, Douglas - Edgerton, Clyde and Susan
161 Edwards, Bob - Engel, Lehman (1935 - 1968)
162 Engel, Lehman (1970 - 1982; n.d.) - Ferrone, John (1980 - 1985)
163 Ferrone, John (1986 - 2001; n.d.) - Ford, O’Neil
164 Ford, Richard - Gordon Tate, Caroline
165 Gossman, Felicia White - Hatley, Scott
166 Hauser, Lucille - Howes, Barbara
167 Howorth, Lucy Somerville - Kahn, Joan and Olivia
168 Kaiser, Walter - Kreyling, Michael and Chris
169 Krochalis, Jeanne - Linscott, R. N.
170 Lish, Gordon - Lyell, Frank H. (1931 – September 1945)
171 Lyell, Frank H. (October 1945 – 1977; n.d.) – Lyell, Sir Nicholas
172 Lynes, Russell - Maxwell, John
173 McConkey, James - Messick, Kendall
174 Mian, Mary (1950 - 1957)
175 Mian, Mary (1958 – 1996; n.d.)
176 Mian Chakeres, Pauline - Millar, Kenneth (1970 – 1977)
177 Millar, Kenneth (1978 – 1980) - Mudd, Roger and E. J.
178 Mullen, Dale - Patterson, Pat
179 Patton, Frances Gray - Pope, Liston, Jr.
180 Porter, Katherine Anne - Price, Daniel
181 Price, Reynolds (1956 – 1996; n.d.)
182 Prince, John and Catherine - Quintana, Ricardo
183 Randolph, Leonard - Robinson, John F. (1943-1983)
184 Robinson, John F. (1984 – 1989; n.d.) - Rowse, A. L.
185 Rubin, Louis D., Jr. - Russell, Diarmuid (May 1940 - February 1941)
186 Russell, Diarmuid, (March 1941 - September 1942)
187 Russell, Diarmuid, (November 1942 - December 1944)
188 Russell, Diarmuid, (January 1945 - September 1946)
189 Russell, Diarmuid, (October 1946 - October 1947)
190 Russell, Diarmuid, (November 1947 - March 1949)
191 Russell, Diarmuid, (April 1949 - June 1952)
192 Russell, Diarmuid, (July 1952 - December 1955)
193 Russell, Diarmuid, (January 1956 - December 1958)
194 Russell, Diarmuid, (January 1959 - December 1963)
195 Russell, Diarmuid, (January 1964 - December 1968)
196 Russell, Diarmuid, (January 1969 - November 1973)
197 Russell, John - Russell and Volkening
198 Rylands, George - Scott, Michael
199 Scott, Willard - Skaggs, Calvin L.
200 Skinner, Mary Frances and Joseph – Smith College (Erikson, A. Vincent)
201 Solomon, Deborah - Stanford University (L’Heureux, John)
202 Stapleton, Laurence – Taylor, Peter
203 Tennant, Pauline - Upshur, Stella
204 Van Gelder, Robert - Warren, Colleen
205 Warren, Robert Penn – Wells, Dolly
206 Welti, Arthur - White, Mary Alice Welty, and Family
207 White, Theo B., Mrs.(Algy) - Wolff, Sally
208 Wong, Jeff - Wright, Stuart
209 Wylie, Shawn – Zimmerman, Tommy Tucker; Miscellaneous Correspondence
210 Fragile Material: Moser, Barry - Sipper, Ralph
211 De Creeft, José: Artwork
212 Oversized Correspondence: Creekmore, Hubert - Thomas, Catherine Jones
213 Oversized Envelopes: Brinkmeyer, Robert - Welty, Terry
214 Oversized Newsclippings: Brody, Sallie - Somerville, Ella
215 Oversized Newspapers / Newsclippings: Mullen, Phillip E.; Smith, William Jay
376 Maxwell, William, Emily and Family
378 Oversized Materials from Clyda S. Rent
OS F. 1 Bullfight Poster sent by Lehman Engel on July 14, 1938

Index of Principal Correspondents

The index follows the conventions described in the “Note on Arrangement” above. In the column “Name of Sender(s) or Folder Title” one will find typically the names of the principal correspondents, whether persons or institutions, with variant name forms appearing in parentheses. Names of spouses, or the term “and family” will also appear in this column when letters are present in the boxes for those individuals. In some cases, a folder title will appear instead of a name in this column: this occurs primarily for folders of letters that were either grouped together by Eudora Welty, or that were miscellaneous in nature. In the case of letters that were primarily written on behalf of an organization or another person, the name of that person or organization will appear under “Name of Sender,” while the name of the actual writer(s) will appear in the second column as that of an “Associated Sender.” Some boxes contain only oversized or fragile materials, or envelopes: the index will note these instances in parentheses following the appropriate box number.

Finally, it should be noted that this index will guide the researcher to the box containing the letters of each principal correspondent, but may not necessarily indicate the exact order of the folders within each box. The index reflects the alphabetical order of the names as established by a computer, while the actual filing of the correspondence in the boxes was done by a team of archivists who have followed slightly different filing conventions. For example, the archivists have typically placed the correspondence of organizations after letters of individuals bearing similar names: “The Katherine Anne Porter Foundation” materials, for instance, are filed in box 180 after the letters of Katherine Anne Porter herself.

Name of Sender(s) or Folder Title Associated Sender Box #
Aaron, Daniel and Janet   151
Aaron, Paul   151
Abbott, Leila Deloach   151
Adams, Beverly   151
Ader, Richard and Tessa   151
Alexander, Chalmers W.   151
Amburn, Ellis   151
American Academy of Arts and Letters, The (also The National Institute of Arts and Letters) Josephson, Hannah 151
Andrews, Eudora   151
Andrews, George L.   151
Andrews, Gus, and Family   151
Andrews, Harry Carden   151
Andrews, Kenneth and Stachia   151
Andrews, Larry, and Family   151
Andrews, Moses   151
Annixter, Jane (Sturzel, Jane Levington)   151
Appleton, Sara Elizabeth (Schlater)   151
Archibald, William   151
Arnold, Marilyn   151
Arvin, Newton   151
Ascher, Barbara   151
Aswell, Duncan (Cutler, Bill)   151
Aswell, Mary Louise   152, 153
Babbitt, Milton and Sylvia   153
Backman, Joyce   153
Baer, Ellen, and Family   153
Balakian, Anna   153
Balakian, Nona   153
Barber, Edwin   153
Barber, Samuel   153
Barnard, Mary Ethel   153
Barnes, Jane Upshur   153
Baskin, William H.   153
Bauer, John   153
Bausch, Barbara Fulton   153
Bayley, Isabel   153
Beck, Warren   154
Bell, Madeline   154
Benchley, Nat   154
Benefield, Barry   154
Benitez, Margaret   154
Bennett, Paul   154
Bennett, Willia W. (Wright)   154
Berenson, Bernard   154
Berge, Catherine   154
Bergersen, Baldwin   154
Bergmann, Alan   154
Berkeley, Edmund, Jr.   154
Berlin, Isaiah, Sir   154
Bernard, Andre   154
Berthoff, Ann E.   154
Berthoff, Warner   154
Betts, Doris   154
Biala, Janice   154
Binding, Paul   154
Bishop, Elizabeth   154
Bishop, Vassar   154
Bixby, George   154
Black, D. Carl, Jr.   154
Black, Patti Carr   155
Bland, Ellen   155
Blissard, Thomasina   155
Bliven, Bruce   155
Blotner, Joseph   155
Blotner, Pamela   155
Blum, Charles   155
Boatwright, James   155
Bocock (Guerard), Maclin   155
Bommart, Frances   155
Bonham, Hilda, Sister   155
Boros, Eva   155
Bowen, Elizabeth   155
Bowers, Nancy Hale   155
Boyd, George, and Family   155
Boyle, Kay   155
Brace, Donald   155
Brantley, Fred   155
Brashear, Mildred   155
Brewer, Mary Elliot   155
Brickell, Herschel   155
Brinkmeyer, Robert   155, 213 (oversized envelope)
Brinnin, John Malcolm   155
Brister, Mary   155
Brody, Sallie   156, 214 (oversized newsclipping)
Broene, Frances W.   156
Brooklyn Oratory of Saint Philip Neri   156
Brooklyn Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, Community of The   156
Brooks, Cleanth, Jr., and Family   156
Brown, Maggie Copeland   156
Brown, Ned   156
Bruccoli, Matthew J.   156
Bryant, Helen   156
Brys, Susan (Poole)   156
Bunnen, Lucinda W.   156
Burger, Nash (K.), and Family   156
Burnett, Whit   156
Burns, Ken   156
Butler, John   156
Buttfield, Helen   156
Cable, Mary   157
Caedmon Records Inc.   157
Capers, Charlotte   157
Carter, Jimmy and Rosalynn   157
Carter, Keith   157
Chappell, Warren   157
Charleston, West Virginia trip   157
Cheney, Brainard and Fannie   157
Cheney, Winifred and Reynolds   157
Chew, Lucy   157
Childress, Mark   157
Chodorov, Jerry   157
Christenberry, Bill (William)   157
Cizmar, Paula   157
Clark, Eleanor   157
Clark, Eric, and Family   157
Clark, Jean   157
Clark, Ruth   157
Clay, Maude Schuyler   157
Cleland, Cathy   157
Cleland, Lois and David   157
Clemons, Walter   157
Clifton, Yerger   157
Clinton, Bill and Hillary   157
Cloar, Carroll   157
Coates, Robert   157
Cochran, Thad   157
Cohen, Edward   157
Colby, Harriet   158
Cole, Hunter McKelva   158
Comes-Winslow, Marcella   158
Commager, Henry   158
Conarroe, Joel   158
Congdon, Don   158
Connell, Leigh   158
Connelly, Kenneth   158
Connolly, Cyril   158
Cook, Bess   158
Cook, Frances   158
Cook, Mariana   158
Cook, Scott   158
Cooper, Beverly   158
Cooper, Chip   158
Cooper, Louise Field   158
Cooper, Wyatt   158
Copeland, Stephanie W.   158
Coppard, A. E.   158
Core, George   158
Corrado, Dennis and James Hinchey   158
Council, Susan Alston   158
Courtney, Susan   158
Cousins, Maggie   158
Covici, Pascal   158
Cowley, Malcolm   158
Coyle, Beverly   158
Crampton, Nancy   158
Crane, Joan   158
Cranfill, Thomas M.   159
Creedon, Jack   159
Creekmore, Hubert   159, 212 (oversized correspondence)
Currin, Brenda   159
Curtis, Frances W.   159
Cutrer, Tom   159
d’Amboise, Jacques   159
Daiches, David   159
Dalrymple, Jean   159
Daniel, Al Fred   159
Daniel, Dorothea   159
Daniel, Robert   159
Daniel, Tom   159
Danks, Dale   159
Daugharty, Janice   159
Davenport, Guy   159
Davis, Lambert and Isabella   159
Davis, Margo   159
Davis, Paul   159
Davis, Sarah   159
Dawson, Margaret   159
Day, Douglas   160
de Creeft, José   160, 211 (artwork)
Dean, Juanita   160
Derian, Patt   160
Devlin, Albert   160
Diamond, David   160
Dixon, Lindsay and Martha   160
Doerr, Harriet   160
Doll, Mary Aswell   160
Dolson, Hildy (Hildegarde)   160
Donald, David, and Family   160
Donovan, Dianne   160
Dowling, Eddie   160
Drake, Robert   160
Dumas, Joseph   160
Dunlap, William   160
Dunsany, Beatrice   160
Durand-Ruel, Pierre; one item co-signed by Eva Boros   160
East, Charles   160
Easton, Robert   160
Eberharf, Betty   160
Edelstein, Paul   160
Edgerton, Clyde and Susan   160, 213 (oversized envelope)
Edwards, Bob   161
Eells, William H.   161
Elliot, Ethel and David   161
Elliot, Mary Lee, and Barney Jones   161
Engel, Lehman   161, 162, OS F. 1 (bullfight poster)
Engle, Paul   162
Erskine, Albert, and Family   162
Esquire Gingrich, Arnold 162
Evans, Elizabeth   162
Evans, Emily Helen   162
Evans, John Lemuria 162
Evans, Maurice   162
Family information letters   162
Farley, Alice and Nancy   162
Faulkner, William   162
Faxon, Nancy   162
Fearing, Kelly   162
Feibelman, Julian B.   162
Ferris, William   162, 213 (oversized envelope)
Ferrone, John   162, 163
Festa, Jimmy   163
Fields, Joseph, and Jerry Chodorov   163
Fields, William   163
Fischer, Jack and Elizabeth   163
Fisher, Alfred   163
Fitzgerald, Geraldine   163
Fitzgerald, Nancy R.   163
Fitzgerald, Sally   163
Fitzpatrick, Teresa   163
Flagg, Fannie   163
Flynt, Wayne   163
Foff, Art and Toni (Antoinette)   163
Foley, Martha   163
Foote, Horton   163
Foote, Shelby   163
Forbes, Malcolm   163
Ford Foundation, The Lowry, W. McNeil; McDaniel, Joseph M., Jr.; Thompson, Marcia T. 164
Ford, Alice   163
Ford, Ford Madox   163
Ford, Julia Madox   163
Ford, O’Neil   163
Ford, Richard and Kristina   164
Fordice, Kirk and Pat   164
Forster, E. M.   164
Fortas, Abe   164
Francis, H. E.   164
Franks, Lucinda   164
Fraysur, Frank Hall   164
Frederikson, Edna   164
Freeman, Don and Lydia   164
Fritteli, Franca Barbara   164
Fulton, Alice W.   164
Furlow, Brown   164
Galassi, Jonathan   164
Gallagher, Bud   164
Gallant, Mavis   164
Gelpi, Albert   164
Gemmell, Lenore Sorsby   164
Getchell, Robert   164
Geva, Tamara   164
Gibbons, Kaye   164
Giddins, Gary   164
Gilchrist, Ellen   164
Gilfoy, Karen   164
Gill, Brendan   164
Giroux, Robert   164
Givner, Joan   164
Glaze, Eleanor   164
Godbold, Marguerite (Darden)   164
Goekjian, Karekin   164
Gomme, Laurence   164
Goodman, Carl   164
Goodman, Edwina and Bill   164
Gordon (Tate), Caroline   164
Gossman, Felicia White   165
Goyen, William   165
Graham, Martha Barton, Craig; Leatherman, Leroy; et al. 165
Green, Henry   165
Greene, Phil   165
Greenough, Richard R.   165
Greenway, George   165
Greenwood, C. J.   165
Gresset, Michel   165
Gretlund, Jan Nordby   165, 212 (oversized correspondence), 213 (oversized envelope)
Griffin, Mrs. J. E.   165
Gross, Chaim   165
Gross, Seymour   165
Grumbach, Doris   165
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, John Simon Moe, Henry Allen 165
Guyton, Ruth   165
Haberman, Daniel and Barbara Nissman   165
Hadley, Dardanelle   165
Hains, Earlena (Frank W., Mrs.)   165
Hall, Wade   165
Halpern, Daniel   165
Hamilton, (Hamish) Jaimie, and Family   165
Hamilton, William   165
Hamner, Earl   165
Hannon, Bruce   165
Hansen, Harry   165
Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. (Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc.) Cuddihy, Rita 165
Hardin, Paul   165
Hargrove, Nancy D.   165
Harkins, The Florist   165
Harley, Margot   165
Hartley, Lodwick (Charles)   165
Harvey, Maud   165
Hatley, Scott   165
Hauser, Lucille   166
Haxton, Brooks   166
Haxton, Josephine (Douglas, Ellen)   166
Haxton, R. K., Jr. (Kenneth)   166
Henley, Beth   166
Henry, Joe   166
Herning, Jeanne (Meyer)   166
Hersey, John   166
Herz, Judith   166
Hickman, Martha Whitmore   166
Hildinger, Erik   166
Hill, Ingrid   166, 213 (oversized envelope)
Hill, Jack   166
Hill, Kathleen   166
Hill, Rebecca, and Family   166
Hilton, Ralph   166
Hinchey, Reverend James F. (Jim)   166
Hinds, Katherine   166
Hivnor, Robert   166
Hoffman, Daniel   166
Hollingsworth, Jane   166
Hood, Mary   166
Hooper, Frances   166
Hopkins, Helen Perry   166, 214 (oversized newsclipping)
Horton, Ben (Brown, Curtis)   166
Horwitz, Murray   166
Houchens, Margaret   166
Houseman, John   166
Howard, Katherine   166
Howard, Maureen   166
Howes, Barbara   166, 213 (oversized envelope)
Howorth, Lucy Somerville   167
Howorth, Richard   167
Hufbauer, Virginia Knowles   167
Hughes, Shirley   167
Husband, Deolus W.   167
Hutchens, Eleanor   167
Ingram Merrill Foundation, The Ford, Harry; Myers, John 167
Islas, Arturo   167
James, Julie   167
Jeter, Michael   167
Johnson, Lyndon B.   167
Johnston, Carol Ann   167
Jones, Alun   167
Jones, Barney and Marjorie   167
Jones, Gwyn   167
Jones, Samuel   167
Jordan, Daniel and Lou   167
Jordan, Leona   167
Jovanovich, William   167
Kahn, Joan and Olivia   167
Kaiser, Walter   168
Kasterine, Dmitri   168
Kaye, Danny   168
Kazin, Pearl   168
Keane, Molly   168
Keith, Don Lee   168
Kelly, Gene   168
Kennedy, Mary   168
Kincaid, Nanci   168
King, Larry L.   168
Kinnaird, Richard   168
Kinney, Arthur F.   168
Kladnik, Alice   168
Kline, Kevin   168
Knopf, Alfred A., and Helen   168
Knox, Margaret   168
Koenig, Jackie   213 (oversized envelope)
Kolb, Gwin and Ruth   168
Komrower, Shirley   168
Koshland, William   168
Krementz, Jill   168
Kreyling, Michael and Chris   168
Krochalis, Jeanne   169
Kronenberger, Louis   169
Kuehl, Linda   169
Kuralt, Charles   169
Lacy, Allen   169
Lampton, Louise and Luke   169
Langford, David   169
Langford, Jerry   169
Langton, Jane   169
Lansbury, Angela   169
Laughlin, James and Ann New Directions 169
Lavin, Mary   169
Lawrence, Elizabeth   169
Laws, Page Raboteau   169
Lazell, Katee Quin   169
Lee, Clay F.   169
Lee, Hermione   169
Leet, Marjorie   169
Lehrer, Jim and Kate   169
Leibovitz, Annie Simitch, Leslie 169
Leighton, Claire   169
Lemonick, Aaron   169
Lensing, George   169
Leonard, John   169
Levertov, Denise   169
Levin, Herman   169
Library of Congress, The   169
Lindberg, Stanley W.   169
Lindley, Denver   169
Lindsey, Ron   169
Linn, Benjy (Bettina)   169
Linscott, R. N.   169
Lish, Gordon   170
Literary America   170
Litwack, Leon F.   170
Livensparger, Clark C.   170
Long, William A.   170
Lotterhos, Fred   170
Luke, Helen Y.   170
Lyell, Frank H.   170, 171
Lyell, Louis   171
Lyell, Sir Nicholas   171
Lynes, Russell   172
Lytle, Andrew   172
Mabus, Ray and Julie   172
Mace, Elisabeth   172
Mackie Pine Oil Specialty Co.   172
Maclachlan, John   172
Maclay, Joanna   172
MacLeish, Archibald   172
MacNeil, Robert   172
MacShane, Frank   172
Madden, David   172
Malamud, Bernard   172
Malins, Edward and Meta   172
Mallett, Willanna Buck   172
Mallette, Rick (Richard)   172
March, Frederick J.   172
Mariano, Nicky   172
Mark, Rebecca   172
Markell, Jodie   172
Markus, Kurt   172
Marrs, Suzanne   172
Marshall, Sarah   172
Martin, Lynn   172
Mason, Bobbie Ann   172
Matthews, Paul   172
Maxwell, John   172
Maxwell, William, Emily and Family   376
McConkey, James   173
McCormick, Ken   173
McElderry, Margaret K.   173
McFarland, Dennis   173
McGill, William J.   173
McGovern, Maureen   173
McGrath, Eileen   173
McHaney, Pearl   173, 213 (oversized envelope)
McKenna, Rollie   173
McLemore, R. A.   173
McPhee, Colin   173
McPherson, Rachel   173
Meacham, Margaret and Bill   173
Meigs, Mary   173
Menaker, Dan   173
Mendenhall, Tom   173
Mercer, Caroline   173
Meredith, William   173
Merkel, Arno   173
Merkel, Una   173
Merrill, Helen   173
Merrill, James   173
Messick, Kendall   173
Mian (Chakeres), Pauline   176
Mian, Mary   174, 175
Milazzo, Lee   176
Milburn, Michael   176
Millar, Kenneth   176, 177
Miller, Greg   177
Miscellaneous Correspondence: Flower/Gift cards   209
Miscellaneous Correspondence: Birthday card of Attendees of Eudora Welty Home Ties Mississippi Conference   209
Miscellaneous Correspondence: newsclipping from unknown sender   209
Mobley Collins, Mary Ann, and Family   177
Modarressi, Taghi   177
Mohamed, Ethel Wright   177
Mondale, Walter F. and Joan Adams   177
Montgomery, Marion   177
Montluzin, Emily de   177
Moorcock, Michael   177
Moore, Rayburn S.   177
Moore, Richard O.   177
Moreton, Rebecca Larche   177
Morris, Willie and Joanne Prichard   177
Morris, Wright   177
Morrison, Theodore   177
Morrison, Toni   177
Mortimer, Gail L.   177
Moseley, Mable Causey   177
Moser, Barry   177, 210 (card with lithograph)
Moss, Howard   177
Mudd, Roger and E. J.   177
Mullen, Dale   178
Mullen, Phillip E.   178, 215 (oversized newspapers / clippings)
Murphy, Frank   178
Museum of Modern Art, The   178
Musgrove, Victor   178
Myers, Leslie   178
Nalbandian, Karnig   178
National Portrait Gallery, The, Smithsonian Institution   178
Naumburg, Edward, Jr.   178
Neal, Bill   178
Neilson, Melany   178
New Yorker, The   178
Nicholls, Barbara   178
Nixon, Nicholas   178
Nolan, Tom   178
North Carolina, The University of Flora, Joseph 178
Norton, Philip   178
Nostrandt, Jeanne   178
Nunn, Sam   178
O’Brien, Edward J.   178
O’Donnell, George Marion   178
O’Nan, Stewart   178
O’Toole, Patricia   178
Oates, Joyce Carol   178
Olding, Dorothy   178
Orphanos, Stathis   178
Paine, Jeffery   178
Painter, Mary   178
Palmer, John   178
Parker, Alice, and Family   178
Parker, Laurie   178
Parlin, Lucretia Money   178
Parone, Eddie   178
Pasek, Doug   178
Patterson, Pat   178
Patton, Frances Gray   179
Payne, David C.   179
Pearce, Colman   179
Pei, Lowry   179
Pepperdene, Jane   179
Percy, Bunt   179
Percy, Dudley   179
Percy, Leroy   179
Percy, Walker   179
Perelman, S. J.   179
Peterson, Linda   179
Petite, Irving   179
Petty, Jane Reid   179
Pezzati, Peter and Mary   179
Phillips, Frances   179
Pickens, H. D.   179
Pickett, Mary Eleanor   179
Pierson, Natalie Batterson   179
Piggott, Carole   179
Pinsky, Robert   179
Pitavy, Daniele   179
Pohl, Emma Ody   179

Polk, Noel



Pope, Liston, Jr.   179
Porter Foundation, The Katherine Anne   180
Porter, Katherine Anne   180
Porter, Paul   180
Potter, Melisande   180
Powers, J. F.   180
Prenshaw, Peggy   180
Prettyman, Barrett   180
Price, Daniel   180
Price, Reynolds   181
Prince, John and Catherine   182
Pritchard, Martha Upshur   182
Pritchett, V. S. and Dorothy   182
Quintana, Ricardo   182
Randolph, Leonard   183
Rankin, Tom   183
Rawls, Eugenia   183
Rawson, Kennett L.   183
Read, Sara Virginia Thompson   183
Reagan, Ronald Faulkner, Linda 183
Redcliffe-Maud, John   183
Redmayne, Pamela   183
Reed, Rex   183
Reedy, El Sayed Abdel Raouf El   183
Rent, Clyda S.   183, 378
Reynal, Eugene   183
Reynal, Kay   183
Richter, Curt   183
Ricketts, Leone Shotwell   183
Ring, Emily White   183
Rivera, Diego   183
Robbins, Samuel A.   183
Robinson, John F.   183, 184
Robinson, Michael D.   184
Robinson, Rose Marks   184
Robinson, Will   184
Rood, John   184
Rose, Bill   184
Ross, Nancy Wilson   184
Ross, Patience   184
Rousseau, Vincent   184
Rovelstad, Howard   184
Rowse, A. L.   184
Rubin, Louis D., Jr., and Eva   185
Rucker, Sophie (Block)   185
Russell (Jessup), Pam   197
Russell and Volkening Seldes, Tim, et al. 197, 213 (oversized envelope)
Russell, Diarmuid   185-196, 212 (oversized correspondence: reviews)
Russell, John   197
Russell, Mary Elizabeth   197
Russell, Rosie   197
Russell, Will   197
Rylands, George   198
Sackville-West, Eddy   198
Saffold, Allen D.   198
Saint-Calbre, Jeanne Shelley (Peacock, Johnnie Ree)   198
Samway, Patrick   198
Sancton, Seta Alexander and Tom   198
Sand, Michael   198
Sarton, May   198
Sarver, D. Welty   198
Saunders, Sallie   198
Savigneau, Josyanne   198
Schaffner, John   198
Schermerhorn (Sykes Newcomb Chiapetta), Migs (Margaret), and Family   198
Schiff, Nancy Rica   198
Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.   198
Schlesinger, Marian Cannon   198
Schorer, Mark   198
Schwartz, Bruce R.   198
Scott, Michael   198
Scott, Willard   199
Seawright, James and Mimi   199
Segrest, Wilma, and Family   199
Seide, Michael   199
Shands, Harley   199
Shands, Wilbourn Coupery and Jay   199
Shankman, Sarah R.   199
Sharp, Ron, and Family   199
Shattuck, Charles   199
Shattuck, Judy   199, 213 (oversized envelope)
Showalter, Jerry   199
Shreve, Susan   199
Simmons, Dorothy   199
Simpson, Lewis P.   199
Sipper, Ralph, Family, et al.   199, 210 (fragile card with seashell)
Skaggs, Calvin L.   199
Skinner, Mary Frances and Joseph   200
Skolkin, Jesse   200
Slavens, Mildred Welty   200
Slavick, Bill and Ursula   200
Slocum, John J.   200
Smith College Erikson, A. Vincent 200, 212 (oversized correspondence)
Smith, Fred   200
Smith, Harrison   200
Smith, Lee   200
Smith, Marilynn M.   200
Smith, William Jay, with Barbara Howes and Sonja Smith   200, 215 (oversized newspapers / clippings
Solomon, Deborah   201
Somerville, Ella   201, 214 (oversized newsclippings)
Spann, Willie   201
Spears, Monroe K.   201
Spears, Ross   201
Spencer, Elizabeth   201
Spengler, Thomas   201
St. Clement’s   198
Stafford, Jean   201
Stanford University L’Heureux, John 201
Stapleton, Laurence   202
Stegner, Wallace   202
Stephenson, George   202
Stern, James   202
Stevens, Phineas and Pat (Patricia L.)   202
Stevenson, Adlai   202
Still, James   202
Stoddard, George D.   202
Straight, Michael   202
Strauss, Harold   202
Strout, Cushing, and Family   202
Stuart, Jesse   202
Styron, Susanna   202
Styron, William   202
Sutherland, Donald   202
Swain, Robin   202
Swindal, David Royston   202
Talmey, Allene   202
Tanner, Heather and Robin   202
Tate, Allen   202
Taylor, Elizabeth   202
Taylor, Peter   202
Tennant, Pauline   203
Tennant, Stephen   203
Tenneson, Joyce   203
Theron, Johan   203
Thomas, Catharine Jones   203, 212 (oversized correspondence: newsclippings)
Thomas, Iola Jean   203
Thompson, Elizabeth Welty, and Family   203
Thorndike, John   203
Thornton, Naoko Fuwa   203
Thurber, James   203
Thurston, Mona Van Duyn and Jarvis   203
Ticknor, William E.   203
Tolson, Jay   203
Toone, Betty L.   203
Town, A. Hays   203
Travers, Pamela   203
Treglown, Jeremy   203
Turner, Emily   203
Turner, Susan   203
Tyler, Anne   203
Uhry, Alfred   203
Untermeyer, Louis   203
Unwin, Stanley   203
Updike, John   203
Upshur, Stella   203
Van Gelder, Robert   204
Van Haaften, Julia   204
Vande Kieft, Ruth   204
Vaquer, Eugenio   204
Vassar College Russell, Doris A.; Swain, Barbara 204
Vines, Joy R.   204
Vinsonhaler, Therese Barksdale   204
Virginia Library, University of Frantz, Ray W. 204
Vivante, Arturo   204
Volkening, Henry and Natalie   204
Voll, Daniel   204
Waldron, Ann   204
Walter, Eugene   204
Walter, Lorena (Kitty) Andrews   204
War Department, [United States]   204
Ward, Patricia   204
Warren, Colleen   204
Warren, Robert Penn   205
Wasson, Ben, Jr.   205
Watkins, Floyd   205
Watt, Geoffrey   205
Wayne, David   205
Weales, Gerald   205
Weber, Bruce   205
Weeks, Edward   205
Weil, Robert   205
Welland, Dennis   205
Wells, Dolly   205
Welti, Arthur   206
Welty, Edward   206
Welty, Elinor   206
Welty, Harold   206
Welty, Harry T.   206
Welty, Stella M.   206
Welty, Terry   206, 213 (oversized envelope)
Wescott, Glenway   206
Westling, Molly   206
Weston, Ruth D.   206
Wheatley, Patchy (Patricia)   206
Wheelock, Dorothy   206
White, Elizabeth and Andy   206
White, Major   206
White, Mary Alice Welty, and Family   206
White, Theo B., Mrs. (Algy)   207
Whitworth, George E.   207
Wickenden, Dan   207
Wilbur, Charlee and Richard   207
Wilbur, Ellen   207
Wilder, Alec   207
Wilkins, Bill   207
Williams, Nancy Clarke   207
Williams, Tennessee, and Andrew Lyndon   207
Williamson, Joel   207
Willison, Florence H.   207
Wilson, Angus   207
Wilt, Napier   207
Wimberly, Lowry C.   207
Winn, Elizabeth Stanley   207
Winter, William F. and Elise   207
Wiseman, Jack (Martha)   207
Wojtasik, Ted   207
Wolfe, Karl   207
Wolfe, Mildred, and Family   207
Wolff, Sally   207
Wong, Jeff   208
Wood, Frank   208
Wood, Susan   208
Woodburn, Charles R.   208
Woodburn, John   208
Woods, George A.   208
Woods, Mary N.   208
Woodward, C. Vann   208
Wooldridge, Jimmie   208
Wright, Barbara S.   208
Wright, Stuart   208
Wylie, Shawn   209
Wynne, Robert B.   209
Yaddo Ames, Elizabeth; Waite, Marjorie Peabody 209
Yarrow, Debbie   209
Yates, Gayle Graham, and Family   209
Yellin, Herb   209
Yorke, Sebastian   209
Yoshida, Michiko   209
Young, Noel   209
Young, Stanley   209
Zabel, Morton   209
Zackel, Frederick   209
Zimmerman, Tommy Tucker   209

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