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Z 0301.000

Series 14. One Time, One Place
1971; 1995; n.d.
1.56 cubic ft.
Restriction: all materials in boxes 54, 355, 357-360 are fragile and should be handled with extreme care.

Note on the Arrangement: Several items in this series have been re-housed and re-boxed for better preservation. For the materials in the original donation, the descriptions created by Suzanne Marrs for her work, The Welty Collection: A Guide to the Eudora Welty Manuscripts and Documents at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi, 1988), have been largely retained, with minor changes made for the convenience of the reader. These appear in ordinary font. Items added to the series from the donation of Welty's Estate are indicated in bold font.

Subseries I: Material concerning One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression, A Snapshot Album (New York: Random House, 1971).

Drafts and Notes

Description Box Folder
Foreword to "One Time, One Place." n.d. 7 pieces.
Typescript, photocopy; pages [1]-2, 4-7, and a page misnumbered as 2 but actually page 3.
54 1
"Foreword" to One Time, One Place. [1971]. 7 pieces.
This item is a photocopy of the typescript of Welty's "Foreword" for Mary Louise Aswell. There is a handwritten note from Welty to Aswell on the first page. The typescript appears the same as the one described above, but the photocopied handwritten corrections on it vary.
54 2
Folder of Drafts and Notes. 1971. 10 pieces.
A folder labeled by Welty, "One Time, One Place March, 1971," includes photocopies of drafts of the acknowledgement and dedication pages, and a draft of the list of captions for the photographs. The captions in this list vary from the published ones; the list bears handwritten corrections by Welty. There follows a copy of a typed list by Welty describing prints she was evidently sending to Random House, and a photocopied listing of the book's pages indicating numbers for the corresponding photographs.
54 3
"One Time, One Place by Eudora Welty DISCARDS." 1971; n.d. 68 pieces.
This folder labeled "discards" accompanied a variety of materials relating to One Time, One Place. There are three letters (fols. 4, 5, and 8) written by Welty to Albert Erskine in 1971. One of these enclosed twenty-one photographic prints (fol. 4); another (fol. 5) discusses in detail Welty's creation of the dummy for the book (see below), and the enclosure of material for the foreword of the book. This may refer to the accompanying typescript draft of the foreword (fol. 6) marked "first version." It bears handwritten corrections in ink, and varies considerably from the published version. There is also a carbon of the title page (fol. 7). Three pages of notes and responses (fol. 9), possibly by Erskine and Welty respectively, concern the printing of the photographs in One Time, One Place.
In total, there are forty separate photographic prints included with the "discards," folder. A number do not appear in One Time, One Place. Many of the photographs have notes by Welty on the back. There is another copy of Welty's caption list (see folder above). This one is labeled "Old" and bears handwritten notes and cross-throughs (fol. 10). A typescript of the list of prints sent to Erskine (see above for the description of the copy), bears an added penciled correction (fol. 11). Four pages that resemble those used in the dummy described below, include title and contents pages and two pages with three photographic prints attached (fol. 12).
54 4-12


Description Box Folder
Dummy of One Time, One Place. ca. 1971. 97 pieces.
This dummy was created by Welty and sent to Albert Erskine (see letter in fol. 5 above, and note from Welty to Patti Carr Black accompanying dummy). The dummy contains prints of many of the photographs found in the published version, as well as captions, titles to the book sections, and instructions for printing. There are variations from the published edition: some captions vary or are lacking; some of the photographs differ in their arrangement or are not present in the dummy.
Of particular interest is the photograph numbered 25 (page 35) entitled "Home after high water, Claiborne County." The same image appears in a print in the "discards" folder above, [#24], but is entitled "Home after high water, Rodney." This image does not appear in the mechanicals or either of the published editions: in all of these the caption "Home after high water, Rodney" describes a photograph of the ruins of Windsor.
355 Fols. 1-3 and notebook
Original notebook for dummy. n.d. 1 item. 356  

Materials from the Printer: GALLEYS

Description Box Folder
Foreword and photograph captions for "One Time, One Place." n.d. 6 pieces.
Galleys 1-6; corrected by Welty. Included are galleys of the front and end matter.
54 13

Materials from the Printer: MECHANICALS

Description Box Folder
"One Time, One Place." n.d. 69 pieces.
14 preliminary pages, pages 3-114, enlarged copy of preliminary page listing "Books by Eudora Welty" and enlarged copy of preliminary page giving publication information and acknowledgements; pictures on pages iv, 19, 47, 68, and 82 are missing; there are editorial instructions for the printer to shoot or re-shoot four of the missing pictures.
Preliminary pages. These include regular and enlarged copies of "books by Eudora Welty"; enlarged publication data and acknowledgement pages; and the simple title page. (5 pieces) 357 1
Preliminary pages. Regular publication, acknowledgement, dedication pages, and the table of contents. (5 pieces) 357 2
Foreword by Welty (pages 3-8; 4 pieces). 357 3
Pages 9-15, including the title page for Part One. (4 pieces) 357 4
Pages 16-25. (5 pieces) 358 1
Pages 26-35. (5 pieces) 358 2
Pages 36-45. (5 pieces). On page 43, the title of "Home after high water, Rodney," has been applied to a photograph of the ruins of Windsor. 358 3
Pages 46-55. (5 pieces) 358 4
Pages 56-65. (5 pieces) 359 1
Pages 66-75. (5 pieces) 359 2
Pages 76-85. (6 pieces) 359 3
Pages 86-95. (5 pieces) 360 1
Pages 96-105. (5 pieces) 360 2
Pages 106-114, including the enlarged page "About the author." (5 pieces) 360 3

Materials from the Printer: BLUES

Description Box Folder
"One Time, One Place." n.d. 32 pieces.
8 signatures. 14 preliminary pages, pages [1]-114; directions to printer made in pencil, blue, and red ink; stamped "OK to print as corrected."
55 1
"One Time, One Place." n.d. 32 pieces.
8 signatures. 14 preliminary pages, pages [1]-114; a few directions to printer; stamped "OK to print as corrected."
55 2

Materials from the Printer: FINAL PAGES

Description Oversize Folder
"One Time, One Place." n.d.
One large sheet of uncut, unfolded pages containing 31 photographs for One Time, One Place; includes photographs appearing on pages 64 53, 56, 61, 72, 77, 69, 80, 68, 81, 73, 76, 57, 60, 52, 65, 96, 85, 88, 93, 104, 109, 101, 112, 100, 113, 108, 105, 92, 89, 84, 97.
OS fol. 2

Subseries II: Material concerning One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression, A Snapshot Album (Jackson, Miss.: University Press of Mississippi, 1996).


Description Box Folder
"Foreword" by William Maxwell. 1995; n.d. 4 pieces.
A draft copy of the foreword for One Time, One Place, written by William Maxwell, is accompanied by a letter to Welty from Seetha A. Srinivasan, editor-in-chief of the University Press of Mississippi. In the 1996 edition, Maxwell's "foreword" precedes the one by Welty which is termed a "preface." Maxwell's draft varies from the published version, as it refers to different page numbers, and contains an additional paragraph at the end of the second page.
54 14

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