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Z 0301.000

Series 11. Losing Battles
1961-1995; n.d.
16.28 cubic ft.

Incomplete Drafts

  Box Folder
"Losing Battles", Part 2. 1961. 96 pieces.
Carbon ts; pages [1]-80, plus page 18-A, 12 unnumbered pages, 3 small pieces of paper, and envelope in which ts was stored; one page is numbered "52 & 53"; numerous holograph and typed revisions; a holograph note on envelope reads, "Part II of Losing Battles|1961|corrected carbon of my original|91 pages"; a small green piece of paper contains the holograph notation: "Part II 'Losing Battles' '61|This carbon|is obsolete|corrected carbon of my original, 91 pages."
23 00
"Losing Battles", Part 2. 1963. 125 pieces.
Ts; 122 pages, 2 slips of paper, and envelope in which ts was stored; two pages are carbons; a few holograph revisions; written in episodes which are typically numbered with a coded heading ("II, ul,3," for example, refers to the third page of the "up leap" episode); one of the slips of paper stored with typescript reads, "Pages un-numbered but in sequence|This version of Chapter II is out-of-date Oct:63"; the episodes are largely out of sequence despite Welty's note to the contrary; holograph note on envelope reads, "Part II of Losing Battles|1963, my typed original|120 pages, unnumbered but in|sequence."
24 00
"Losing Battles", Part 6. 1964. 64 pieces.
Ts; pages [1]-63 and envelope in which ts was stored; holograph revisions; holograph note on envelope reads, "Part VI of Losing Battles ('The Honeycomb')|1964 My original|uncorrected|63 pages"; list of character names on page [1].
25 01
"Losing Battles", Part 1. 1965. 131 pieces.
Ts; pages s1-s78 plus pages 2-a, 3-a, 27-a, 29-a, 41-a, 50-a, 53-a, 60-a, and pages j1-j42, 2 blue pages, 1 slip of paper, and envelope in which ts was stored; one page is both j20 and j21; numerous typed revisions pasted to sheets and numerous holograph revisions; a holograph note on envelope reads, "From Part I of Losing Battles, '65|old chapter 2 78 pages|old chapter 3 42 pages|Original"; on the first blue page EW dates the old chapter 2 typescript as "'65 or '66."
Beginning - p. s26 25 02
Pp. s27-s52 25 03
Pp. s53-s78 25 04
P. j1 - Ending 25 05
"Losing Battles", Part 2. 1965. 197 pieces.
Ts; pages 1-173, plus pages 2-A, 42-A, 76-A, 101-A, 109-A, 127-A, 162-A, 165-A, an additional page numbered 59, an additional page numbered 60, one unnumbered page, a typed insert numbered 115, 11 variant pages, and envelope in which ts was stored; variant pages appear at head of typescript; numerous typed revisions pasted onto sheets and numerous holograph revisions as well; holograph note on envelope reads, "Part II of Losing Battles|1965|184 pages, my typed original|numbered, as sent to typist.
26 01

Complete Draft

Box Folder
"Losing Battles". [1968]-1969. 702 pieces.
Ts; pages 1-341, IV 1-IV 119, V 1-V 90, VI 1-59, VI 61-VI 92, VI 95-VI0, plus pages 328-a, 332-a, IV 87-A, IV 116-A, V-3A, VI 94-A, VI 98-A, VI 105-A, VI 105-B, title page, 31 variant pages, 1 slip of paper, 1 MDAH envelope, 1 folder, and 2 Easton's Berkshire Typing Paper box lids; one page in Part 1 is numbered 93 & 94; pages VI 60, VI 93, and VI 94 are missing; numerous revisions are typed and pasted to sheets; numerous holograph revisions have been made; a slip of paper has typist's note; on the first box lid EW has written: "Losing Battles|pages|1-|252|my original|1969"; on the second she has written: "My Original (Pasted Copy)|as sent|to typist|not in final revision|From p. 252|(in II)|to end of V\"; on folder EW has written "Losing Battles|Part VI 107 pages|Paste Copy|my orig."
Pt. I, beginning - p. 50 27 01
Pp. 51-101 27 02
Pp. 102-151 27 03
Pp. 152-202 27 04
Pp. 203-252 27 05
Pp. 253-302 28 01
Pp. 303-IV11 28 02
Pp. IV12-IV66 28 03
Pp. IV67-IV118 28 04
Pp. V1-V40 29 01
Pp. V41-V90 29 02
Pp. VI3-VI22 29 03
Pp. VI23-VI67 29 04
Pp. VI75-Ending 29 05
"Losing Battles". 1968-69. 653 pieces.
Ts, photocopy; pages 1-341, IV 1-81, IV 83, IV 85-IV 119, V 1-V 67, V 69-V 90, VI 33-VI 92, plus pages 328-a, 332-a, IV 87-A, V 41-A, 37 variant pages, and 6 envelopes in which ts was stored; pages 93 & 94 are one page; pages IV-82, IV-84, V-68 are missing; Part VI contains only pp. 33-92; primarily a photocopy of ts described in no. 6 above; some pages are carbons; others are typed or photocopied sheets which are not identical to the ribbon pages described in no. 6 above; many holograph revisions which tally with revisions to ribbon ts, others which have not been made there; some revisions to the ribbon ts have not been made here; on the first envelope is the holograph note, "Losing Battles|Xerox of my original|Part I-151 pages|Lacks final revisions November '68"; on the label attached to second envelope is holograph note, "Losing Battles|Part II|Xerox of my original sent to typist|Lacks final revisions 115 pp November '68"; on the label attached to the third envelope is holographic note, "Losing Battles|Xerox of my original|Part III|Lacks final corrections 74 pp Jan. '69"; on fourth envelope is holograph note, "Losing Battles|Xerox of my original|Lacks final revision|Part IV|A. 1-50 pp|B. 51-85|C. 86-119|add 82, 84, 87-A"; on fifth envelope is holograph note: "Losing Battles|Part V Xerox of my Original|Lacks final corrections 120 pp"; on sixth envelope is holograph note, "Losing Battles Xerox of my original|Part VI, in part|beginning and ending included in| Xeroxed substitute pages."
Pt. I 30 00
Pt. II 31 00
Pt. III 32 00
Pt. IV 33 00
Pt. V: Beginning-p.V32 34 01
Pt. V: Pp. V33-V56 34 02
Pt. V: Pp. V33-V55 (2nd variant) 34 03
Pt. V: Pp. V57-V90 34 04
Pt. VI: Beginning-p.VI59 34 05
Pt. VI: P. VI60-ending 34 06

Typescript Setting Copy and Carbons

  Box Folder
"Losing Battles". 1969. 784 pieces.
Ts; pages 1-782 plus page 43A and an additional page 12; pages 1-782 re-numbered in the lower right-hand corner of each page; 8 preliminary pages, 6 pages identifying sections of the novel, 770 pages of text; some pages are photocopies; numerous revisions, occasionally in EW's hand but more typically in an editorial hand or hands.
Preliminary pages 35 01
Pt. I: Beginning - p.19 35 01
Pt. I: Pp. 20-47 35 02
Pt. I: Pp. 48-78 35 03
Pt. I: Pp. 79-109 35 04
Pt. I: Pp. 110-141 35 05
Pt. I: Pp. 142-ending 35 06
Pt. II 36 00
Pt. III 37 00
Pt. IV 38 00
Part V 39 00
Part VI 40 00
"Losing Battles". [1969]. 789 pieces.
First carbon ts; pages [1]-750, plus pages 12-A, 25-A, 28-A, 33-A, 59-A, 71-A, 79-A, 86-A, 118-A, 151-A, 182-A, 230-A, 232-A, 238-A, 252-A, 281-A, 320-A, 343-A, 347-A, 354-A, 354-B, 376-A, 382-A, 530-A, 630-A, 651-A, 6 preliminary pages, and an additional page 12; one page is numbered 190 & 191; another is numbered 296-297; primarily a carbon of ts described in no. 8 above; some pages are ribbon pages or photocopies; numerous revisions, primarily in EW's hand, but occasionally in an editorial hand; numerous deletions.
Pt. I 41 00
Pt. II 42 00
Pt. III 43 00
Pt. IV 44 00
Pt. V 45 00
Pt. VI 46 00
"Losing Battles". [1969]. 790 pieces.
Carbon ts; pages [1]-677, 679-750, plus pages 12-A, 25-A, 28-A, 33-A, 59-A, 71-A, 79-A, 86-A, 118-A, 151-A, 182-A, 230-A, 232-A, 252-A, 281-A, 320-A, 343-A, 354-A, 354-B, 444-A, 444-B, 444-C, 530-A, 651-A, 3 preliminary pages, 2 pages with holograph comments, and 14 variant or duplicate pages; one page is numbered 190 & 191; another is numbered 296-297, 298; pages 376-A and 678 are missing; primarily a carbon of the ts described in no. 8 above; some pages are photocopies; numerous holograph revisions, some which do not appear in the setting copy or the previous carbon but which will be incorporated into galleys and novel; two holograph pages concern additions, the other acknowledges a missing page.
"Losing Battles."   
Pt. I folders 1-6 47 
Pt. II folders 1-4 48 
Pt. III folders 1-3 49 
Pt. IV folders 1-6 50 
Pt. V folders 1-3 51 
Pt. VI folders 1-4 52 

Materials from the Printer


  Box Galley
"Losing Battles". 1969. 175 pieces.
Galleys; galleys 1-172, plus galley 8B, an extra galley 133, and envelope in which galleys were stored; labeled "E’s set" in an editorial hand on galley 1; numerous holograph revisions and corrections; editorial queries and EW's responses; the envelope is addressed to EW, Jackson, with return address, "Erskine|Random House|201 E 50 New York 10022," postmarked 12.22.1969. [Albert Erskine was EW’s editor at Random House.]
OS1 OS14
"Losing Battles". 1969. 178 pieces.
Galleys; galleys 1-172, galley 8B, an extra galley 8, an unnumbered galley, and 3 typed pages; master set, proofed and corrected, Nov. 6-13, 1969; corrections in an editorial hand; alterations in an editorial hand in accord with EW’s instructions; one insert of 14 typed lines on galley 31 concerns burning of courthouse; insertion of pp. 444A, 444B, 444C on galley 104-A concerns Dr. Carruther's attendance at birth of Jack Renfro.
OS15 15a, 15b
"Losing Battles". [1969]. 6 pieces.
Galleys; 70, 92, 121, 125, 139, 164; pencilled noted on galley 70 reads. "Added corrections, pages 12/29-30"; EW's holograph corrections.
OS1 53
"Losing Battles". 1969. 2 pieces.
Galleys; 8 and 8-B; unmarked.
OS1 53
"Losing Battles". [1969]. 9 pieces.
Photocopies of galleys; 3 copies of galley 8, three copies of galley 8-A, and three copies of galley 8-B.
OS1 53
"Losing Battles". [1969]. 8 pieces.
Ts, photocopy; 8 photocopies of typed insertion for galley 31 (see no. 11 above).
OS1 53
"Losing Battles". ca. 1969-1995. 20 pieces.
An envelope from Russell and Volkening, Inc., postmarked 1995, accompanies photocopies of galley pages, and second copies of those pages bearing editorial suggestions, probably by Albert Erskine, and Welty's responses. These are copies of Welty's pages 70, 79-A, 92-A, 98, 121, 124A, 139-A and 169, in 'E's set,' [as described above, Box OS1, galley OS14]. Found with the envelope and galley photocopies was an undated envelope from Russell and Volkening, Inc., on the front and verso of which Welty has written notes, apparently for a tribute to Albert Erskine. It is possible these notes were written at the time of his death in 1993.
393 Folders 7-9


"Losing Battles". 1969. 93 pieces.
92 unnumbered galley pages and one typed page; identified as "Master Set 12/19/69," but the set is incomplete; includes pages 160-436 of the novel's text, except that galley containing pp. 316-318 is missing; the typed page is headed "About the Author" and dated 12.10.1969; corrections in an editorial hand.
OS15 OS16
"Losing Battles". 1969. 56 pieces.
56 unnumbered galley pages; identified as "Master Set 12/23/69"; includes 10 preliminary pages and pages [1]- of the novel; corrections, instructions in an editorial hand.
OS15 OS17


"Losing Battles". 1969. 9 pieces.
Ad card and false title, title page, title page art, logo for title page, map, pmt map #1, pmt map #2, rules for half title and part title pages, art for part title page.


Box Galley
Memorandum concerning "Losing Battles" repros . 1970.
Bland Simpson, to Book Press. 01.30.1970; 02.04.70 card to Phil Spencer; 3 repros of p. 314.
OS1 53
"Losing Battles". 1970. 25 pieces.
22 repro sheets (4 pages to a sheet), a photocopy of publication information page (vi); repros includes pages ii-27 (9 sheets), 44-47, 84-87, 104-107, an additional repro of pages 20-23, 3 repros of pages vi, 23, 26, 45, and 3 repros of pages 86 and 105.
"Losing Battles". [1970]. 108 pieces.
108 sheets which include preliminary pages, pages 1-19, 28-43, 48-83, 88-437, and pages 432-35 on two half sheets; pages 20-27, 44-47, 84-87 are missing; some autograph instructions to printer on preliminary pages.
Losing Battles. [1970]. 111 pieces.
111 repro sheets which include 2 preliminary sheets and 109 subsequent sheets containing pages [1]-431, 436-37; sheet containing pp. 432-35 is missing; some autograph notations on preliminary pages; note on cardboard divider reads "Gave Bob Or page 432-435."


Box Galley
"Losing Battles." 1969. 6 pieces.
Blues; blues of title page art, map, part title page art, photocopy of part title page art, a blank page, and a 12.29.1969 letterhead memorandum from Harry Conover, Random House to Book Press.
OS1 53
"Losing Battles". 1970. 1 pieces.
1 signature; including 10 preliminary pages, page [1] which is a part title page, page [2] which is blank, and pages 3-22 of text.
OS1 53

Additional Materials

The following materials consist of typewritten, carbon, and handwritten pages, strips, and notes, originally found in folders and envelopes. Most of these containers bear labels and notations written by Eudora Welty, which are quoted in the list below. These notations indicate that much of this material was considered for, but later removed from, or replaced in, the drafts of Losing Battles. The passages of text on these pages and strips often appear fragments or short sections of a draft rather than continuous narratives. Moreover, their order is frequently uncertain: some pages may bear numbers assigned by Welty, but these may be duplicated, or out of sequence, or lack pages to complete the sequence. Whenever possible, these materials have been left in the order in which they were found in their original folders and envelopes to preserve any existing order. For tracking purposes, piece numbers assigned by the archivist appear on the verso of each page, strip, or note. If materials were found clipped together, this will be indicated on the acid-free folder now containing them.

Title or Description of Materials Box # Folder #
"Pertaining to Part IV" "Deleted Passages, Incidents, or Characters" "Miscellaneous pages, note-form". n.d. 138 pieces. 382 1-21
"June '67" "pages of II as typed" appears a principal notation on the folder on which several others, including "out of date '68" appear. 1967. 109 pieces. 382 22-34
"Losing Battles VI" "carbons" "1st + 2nd, for substitute pages" "Final version" "(with my paste pages)". n.d. 24 pieces. 383 1-2
"Part II Out-of-Date as of '67". "Do Not Keep after finishing novel". n.d. 133 pieces.3833-11
"Deleted from all parts '69" "to correct last copy". 1969. 159 pieces.38312-20
"I Chapter 2 (the story)" "May 1966" appear principal notations 1966. 55 pieces.3841-3
"Take out of I". n.d. 78 pieces.3844-13
"Slack Times" "Out of Date". Other notations are crossed out. n.d. 78 pieces.38414-18
"I out of ribbon copy, in revising". n.d. 9 pieces.38419-20
"Out of I". n.d. 11 pieces.38421-22
"Goodnights IV". Other notations are crossed out or added in reverse. n.d. 8 pieces.38423-24
"I Miss Worth's typing, carbon" "Out of date" "(when I was divided into chapters". n.d. 198 pieces.3851-9
"SLACK TIMES" "Summer 1966" "Part I (chaps. 2 & 3)" "Xerox copy of ms" "Out of date". 1966; n.d. 132 pieces.38510-13
"I Make from this" "Curtis-Beck-Mountain Creek" "Percy - Nanny" "Dolphus - Birdie". n.d. 51 pieces.38514-17
"The Free World" "part 4 & 5" carbon "(out of date)" appear principal notations. n.d. 29 pieces.38518-21
"Check on". n.d. 29 pieces.3861-2
"Old or ? for III to check over". n.d. 9 pieces.3863-4
"Dispose of" "leftovers pieces on desk" "maybe some pp of 2nd carbon to keep". n.d. 32 pieces.3865-7
"For III '69" "to correct last copy". 1969; n.d. 17 pieces.3868-9
"Out of III". n.d. 21 pieces.38610-13
"'68 III Out of date 68 April". Other notations are crossed through. 1968. 40 pieces.38614-16
"Revisions? for III" "August '68". "Revisions" has been struck through. 1968. 62 pieces.38617-22
Unlabeled folder containing photocopied, carbon, typescript pages and strips, handwritten strips and corrections. n.d. 64 pieces.38623-26
"Losing Battles" "Out of V" "to arrange". n.d. 37 pieces.38627-29
"Out of V". n.d. 9 pieces.3871-2
"For V to correct by '69". n.d. 13 pieces.3873-4
"Out of V" "April".II" and "III" may have been added to "V". Other notations appear at least partially struck through. n.d. 13 pieces.3875-6
"V, June '67" appears a principal notation. Among others is "out-of-date parts". 1967. 6 pieces.3877-8
"Out of V, '68". 1968. 10 pieces.3879-10
"IV Feb. Check by". A list of character names including "Gloria", "Sojourner" and "Moody" follows. n.d. 52 pieces.38711-14
"IV A few Typed parts to assemble" "July '64, carbon". "some n.g. [?] more to come". 1964. 14 pieces.38715-16
"For IV" "To be attached to proper sections". n.d. ["(68)" on the folder might indicate 1968?]. 7 pieces.38717-18
"Howling off the Truck by Ears Broadwee". "Out-of-date" is noted, but water damaged. n.d. 7 pieces.38719
"Carbon Pages of Orig." "Add to carbon of I" "June '66." 1966. 16 pieces.38720-22
"I Copy of What's sent to typist (where I have it)" "Uncorrected, more to Come, names, parts to check" "transitions etc. at home [?]". n.d. 72 pieces.38723-27
"Misc. old pp of I-Keep in case." n.d. 64 pieces.3881-6
"II" "p. 59-172 carbon" "Miss Worth's copy" "unread" "Sept.'65" "Out of date '67." 1965-1967. 114 pieces.3887-12
"Keep for II now." n.d. 4 pieces.38813-14
"Version of II, old" "Throw out after mining." n.d. 70 pieces.38815-20
"Out of II [']68." 1968. 72 pieces.38821-26
"Typed up for II" "from beginning" "'68" "For the Typist - Last Version." Faint penciled notation follows. 1968. 14 pieces.3891-2
"Out of II '68" "The Church, & B.B. examining." On label: "10. Granny dances." "11. Joinging of Hands" "12. Homer arr., the grove, flower opens." 1968. 20 pieces.3893-4
"Out of II." n.d. 46 pieces.3895-7
Unlabeled folder 1, with note stating "Very early version" "2 carbons of first 26 pages of novel." n.d. 54 pieces.3898-10
Unlabeled folder 2, with note stating: "My original, next to last version" "various pages (I-VI)." n.d. 56 pieces.38911-13
"Deleted" "Store fire?" [illegible mark] "V & VI." n.d. 15 pieces.38914-15
"III" "Carbon typescript" "copy of Finished Draft." With penciled notation: "of about 1963" "not corrected or cut." ca. 1963. 121 pieces.38916-23
"Xerox copy '68" "I" "wind-up of story" "Jack's arrival" "Jack's departure again." With notation to the side: "uncorrected final." 1968. 119 pieces.3901-6
"VI" "out". With other notations incomplete (e.g. "for" with remainder scratched through0. n.d. 36 pieces.3907-9
"Some carbons of pp. used in altered versions (IV)." n.d. 19 pieces.39010-11
"VI For correcting final." n.d. 16 pieces.39012-13
Title crossed through and over it is written "Out of date." Original date "'68" is crossed through. n.d. 39 pieces.39014-16
"VI A." n.d. 38 pieces.39017-19
"Out of date" is noted above "Funeral passing" "& End" "Carbon." n.d. 20 pieces.39020-21
Several notations on folder including: "Delete or add these bits" "Next A. M." "as typed" "'67" "part 1" "Correct by the carbon." n.d. [1967?]. 26 pieces.39022-23
"Out of VI." n.d. 110 pieces.3911-5
"Out VI." n.d. 14 pieces.3916-7
"Old IV (now VI)" "carbon" "and Out." n.d. 72 pieces.3918-10
"Losing Battles" "Part I through Part VI, Xeroxed pages for substituting in final." With "Eudora Welty" at top of folder. n.d. 109 pieces.39111-14
Notes for dialogue [Losing Battles] on verso of The New York Times Book Review envelope, postmarked June 7, 1968. n.d. [ca. 1968?] 1 piece.39115

Title or Description of MaterialsBox #Folder
An envelope (box 392, folder 1) marked "Keep" "Some 'Losing Battles' material" "Sections of early paste copy, etc." n.d. 1 piece. The envelope contained nine folders or envelopes as following:3921
First set of material (envelope) included. An envelope marked "Keep" "Old paste copy of Losing Battles" "('Close Ties") Part I" contained a folder of material marked "Old paste copy" - don't give away" "for I (first part)" with the note (Box 292, folder 3). "Typed (with changes) March '62." 1962. 47 pieces.3922-5
Second set of material (envelope) included: "Keep" "Pinned Original as Typed up" "Sept. '61." Noted on the right is "II Losing Battles" "(Close Ties") F2 pages." ca. 1961. 101 pieces.3926-13
Third set of material (folder) included: "For IV '69 (not used) to correct last copy." 1969. 25 pieces.39214-15
Fourth set of material (folder) included: "Consider in revising II." n.d. 32 pieces.39216-17
Fifth set of material (folder) included: "III 2nd Carbon corrected, to send Albert." With notations on folder in pencil: "IV pp 513, 514, 515 to correct + add to both carbons + orig." and "Julia's letter" "throw away those pp." n.d. 22 pieces.39218-19
Sixth set of material (folder) included: "For II" "to correct last copy" "'69." 1969. 18 pieces.39220-21
Seventh set of material (folder) included: "pp of II" "1st Carbon" "found but not corrected" "check by Xerox" n.d. 24 pieces.3931-2
Eighth set of material (folder) included: "not used or not placed so far. Keep." With the notation: "MAY" [?] n.d. 11 pieces.3933-4
Ninth set of material (folder) included: "Maps made on trial, for Losing Battles." n.d. 9 pieces. This folder includes three handrawn maps with notations in ink and pencil by Welty, and five photocopied maps.3935-6

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