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Z 0301.000
Series 6. The Ponder Heart

1953; n.d.
0.50 cubic ft.

Note on Arrangement and Description:

There is no additional material from the estate gift for this series. However, the “Editorial Notes” that were previously filed with correspondence, have been moved to this series. Each piece of the drafts and notes described below have been numbered by the archivist. These numbers appear in brackets following the paragraph descriptions written by Suzanne Marrs. To ensure better preservation, some material has been re-foldered, and the folder numbers below changed accordingly.

Preliminary Drafts

"The Ponder Heart." n.d. 108 pieces.
Typescript; 1 preliminary page, pages [1]-42, 44-55, 57-96, plus 1A, 29A, 40A, 53A, 4 unnumbered pages or partial pages, an extra page numbered 57, an extra page numbered 59; pages 43 and 56 are missing; pages 44-51 are carbons; numerous handwritten revisions; on the preliminary page Welty has written: "The Ponder Heart my copy - Corrected version Some pages missing or on carbon."
Box Folder
[pieces 1-20] 9 1
[pieces 21-40] 9 2
[pieces 41-60] 9 3
[pieces 61-83] 9 4
[pieces 84-108] 9 5

"The Ponder Heart." n.d. 109 pieces.
Carbon typescript; title page, pages [1]-105, plus pages 43A, 51A, rear cover; pages 43A-51, 67, 92, 102 are ribbon copies; handwritten title page in red pencil, "The Ponder Heart"; scattered handwritten corrections throughout; incorporates revisions made in earlier draft.
Box Folder
[pieces 1-20] 9 6
[pieces 21-40] 9 7
[pieces 41-60] 9 8
[pieces 61-80] 9 9
[pieces 81-90] 9 10
[pieces 91-109] 9 11

Mimeographed Typescript Prepared for Book-of-the Month Club

  Box Folder
"The Ponder Heart." 1953. n.d. 1 item.
Pre-publication, mimeographed copy; soft-bound by publisher; 2 preliminary pages, page 1-141; handwritten corrections scattered throughout; "a novel by" on title page has been lined out; table of contents has a penciled "X" over it; the headings "Chapter 1," etc., have been lined out in pencil; Welty has hand written on cover "Corrected Copy|My copy|Eudora."
10 1
"The Ponder Heart." 1953. 1 item.
Pre-publication, mimeographed copy; soft-bound by publisher; 2 preliminary pages, pages 1-141.
10 2

Editorial Notes

  Box Folder
4 sheets of yellow typing paper.
Heading on sheet 1 is "Notes on ‘The Ponder Heart’—Eudora Welty." These seem to be an editor’s notes and are keyed to the galleys of the novella. Welty has written handwritten comments by some of the notes. Someone has dated this item as 1953.
9 12


"The Ponder Heart." 1953. 41 pieces.
Galleys 1-41; a few editorial corrections in margin; no authorial corrections, dated Sept. 24.

Table of Contents