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Z 0301.000

Series 5. The Golden Apples and Related Works

1949; 1988; n.d.
0.85 cubic ft.
Series 5a. The Golden Apples

Note on the arrangement and description:

Most of this series was donated by Eudora Welty during her lifetime, and has been described by Suzanne Marrs in narrative paragraphs that appear in regular font below. Material donated through the gift of Welty’s Estate has been interfiled with the original donation, and is described below in bold font. In order to accommodate the new materials and improve preservation, the materials have been re-boxed. The boxes have been re-numbered, keeping as close to the original numbering system as possible.

In her narrative descriptions of the drafts, Marrs uses Welty’s pagination to describe the materials. Because Welty’s manuscript drafts may include duplicate, variant, or unnumbered pages, or attachments to pages, the materials have also been assigned numbers by the archivists; these appear on the verso of each piece. Where necessary for easy reference, the location lists following the narrative paragraphs will provide both sets of numbers.

Drafts of Individual Stories

"The Golden Apples." n.d. 84 pieces. [Later titled "June Recital."]

Carbon typescript; pages [1]-81, plus 66A, front and rear cover pages; page 77 is a paste copy; handwritten revisions scattered throughout the typescript; on the construction paper cover Welty has written in ink "Golden Apples" and in pencil "Extra copy—carbon."

Welty’s page numbers Supplied numbers Box Folder
Cover, pp. 1-19 [pp. 1-20] 7a 1a
pp. 20-39 [pp. 21-40] 7a 1b
pp. 40-59 [pp. 41-60] 7a 1c
pp. 60-81, cover [pp. 61-84] 7a 1d

"Sir Rabbit." n.d. 14 pieces.

Carbon typescripts; pages [1]-12, 14-15; there is no page 13; the text varies substantially from the published version of the story; at the head of the typescripts a handwritten note to John Robinson reads: "I realize all is risked on every sentence --let me know if you think it works--or not--Please--Yours, E –Suddenly all aweary-."

Welty’s page numbers Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. [1]-15 [pp. 1-14] 7a 2

"The Flower and the Rock." n.d. 34 pieces. [Later titled "Music from Spain."]

Carbon typescript, incomplete; pages [1]-34; the final pages of the story are missing; a few handwritten revisions and corrections. Sent to John Robinson, 1947.

Welty’s page numbers Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. [1]-20 [pp. 1-20] 7a 3a
pp. 21-34 [pp. 21-34] 7a 3b

"The Humming-Birds." n.d. 9 pieces. [Later titled "The Wanderers."]
Carbon typescript, incomplete; pages [1]-9; a few handwritten revisions and corrections.

Welty’s page numbers Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. [1]-9 [pp. 1-9] 7b 1

Untitled carbon typescript. [“The Wanderers.”] n.d. 43 pieces, 1 card.
This draft begins at Welty’s page 10, near the point at which the typescript listed immediately above ended. This draft may have been sent to John Robinson: it is accompanied by his 1945 officer’s pay data card. The typescript includes pages numbered by Welty as “15-A” and “15-B,” but lacks pages 49, 50, and 51. There are corrections and additions in pencil.

Welty’s page numbers Supplied Numbers Box Folder
  Robinson pay data card 7b 2
pp. 10-28 Untitled typescript, [pp. 1-20] 7b 2
pp. 29-54 Untitled typescript, [pp. 21-43] 7b 3

See also undated drafts of “The Whole World Knows,” sent by Welty to John F. Robinson with an Aug. 28, 1946, postmark [Series 29a, Box 139], and “The Golden Apples of the Sun,” sent to Robinson in installments, postmarked October 8, 14, 17, and 22, 1946 [Series 29a, Box 140].

Preliminary Pieces

Front matter for manuscript. n.d. 8 pieces.
Originally these pages were enclosed with a letter from Welty to Diarmuid Russell dated March 11, [1949], referring to a manuscript Welty had just sent him [Series 29a, Box 146]. These typescript pages are evidently additions to the manuscript. Included are the title page; the quotation from the W. B. Yeats poem [“The Song of Wandering Aengus”]; the table of contents; the statement of coincidence; as well as the title pages and first pages of “The Golden Apples,” and “It’s the World That’s Turning.” The first page of “It’s the World That’s Turning” bears corrections in pencil by Diarmuid Russell.

Welty’s page numbers Supplied Numbers Box Folder
No page numbers assigned [pp. 1-8] 7b 4

Typescript Setting Copy of Collection

"The Golden Apples." n.d. 302 pieces.
Typescript; pages 8-309, as renumbered; handwritten revisions and corrections; at least one addition in an editorial hand.

"Shower of Gold." Pages 8-26; some pages in elite type, others in pica.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. 8-26 [pp. 1-19] 7b 5

"June Recital." Pages 27-111; header "Golden Apples" has been lined out; typed in pica.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
p. 27 Title page, [p. 20] 7b 5
pp. 28-47 [pp. 21-40] 7b 6
pp. 48-70 [pp. 41-63] 7b 7
pp. 71-90 [pp. 64-83] 8a 1
pp. 91-110 [pp. 84-103] 8a 2
p. 111 [p. 104] 8a 3

"Sir Rabbit." Pages 112-127; typed in pica.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. 112-127 [pp. 105-120] 8a 3

"Moon Lake." Pages 128-178; typed in pica.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. 128-130 [pp. 121-123] 8a 3
pp. 131-150 [pp. 124-143] 8a 4
pp. 151-170 [pp. 144-163] 8a 5
pp. 171-178 [pp. 164-171] 8a 6

"The Whole World Knows." Pages 179-206; use of italics called for by penciled underlining.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. 179-190 [pp. 172-183] 8a 6
pp. 191-206 [pp. 184-199] 8b 1

"Music from Spain." Pages 207-255; primarily in elite type but including two pica pages.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. 207-210 [pp. 200-203] 8b 1
pp. 211-230 [pp. 204-223] 8b 2
pp. 231-250 [pp. 224-243] 8b 3
pp. 251-255 [pp. 244-248] 8b 4

"The Wanderers." Pages 256-309; typed title "The Kin" has been deleted and handwritten title "The Wanderers" added; header "The Kin" is erased on some pages while header "The Humming-Birds" is erased on some others; some pages in elite type, others in pica.

Renumbered pages Supplied numbers Box Folder
pp. 256-270 [pp. 249-263] 8b 4
pp. 271-290 [pp. 264-283] 8b 5
pp. 291-309 [pp. 284-303] 8b 6


"The Golden Apples." 1949. 78 pp.

Description Box
Galleys 1-78; unmarked. OS 1

Series 5b. Related Works: Morgana

Morgana: Two Stories from “The Golden Apples,” (namely “June Recital,” and “Moon Lake”) was published by the University Press of Mississippi in 1988, and included illustrations by Mildred Nungester Wolfe and an “Afterword” by Eudora Welty.

Front matter. [1988] 6 pieces.

Photocopies of the opening pages of Morgana: numbered page v, “Contents,” with facing blank page; the list of illustrations, numbered vii and viii; a page of “new copy” for the bibliographic information offering a choice between two copyright lines; and another, apparently earlier version of the copyright information.

Description / Supplied numbers Box Folder
Photocopies of front matter, [pp. 1-6] 76 1

Foreword – or Afterword.” [1988] 35 pieces.

The envelope originally containing this material bears Welty’s notations: “Foreword – or Afterword Two from Morgana Miss. University Press.” Within were four versions or copies all entitled “Foreword to Two from Morgana:” evidently an earlier title for the published Morgana in which Welty’s “foreword” did become an “afterword.” The first version is a typescript draft with corrections in ink by Welty. There follow three photocopies of a typescript incorporating the corrections seen on the earlier draft. One photocopy has nine pages; one has a duplicate page 2 (as numbered by Welty); and the third has corrections in ink by Welty.

Description / Supplied numbers Box Folder
Envelope containing “Foreword – or Afterword” 76 2
Foreword to Two from Morgana,” typescript draft, [pp. 1-6] 76 3
Photocopy of corrected draft, [pp. 1-9] 76 4
Photocopy of corrected draft with duplicate page 2, [pp. 1-10] 76 5
Photocopy of corrected draft with annotations, [pp. 1-9] 76 6

"Afterword." 1988; n.d. 7 pieces.
With her letter to Welty dated July 9, 1988, JoAnne Prichard enclosed a photocopy of the page proofs for Welty's essay written for Morgana. The original title of the proof "Introduction" was crossed out before photocopying, and replaced by the handwritten "Afterword." There are photocopied comments by Prichard and corrections by the proofreaders, and one correction in ink. Also enclosed with Prichard's letter to Welty is a photocopy of the letter she sent to Tim Seldes on the same date concerning the assignment of copyright for Morgana.

Description / Supplied numbers Box Folder
Correspondence from JoAnne Prichard [I, II], "Afterword" [pp. 1-5]. 76 7

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